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Ruffled Mesh And Lace At Africa Fashion Week Europe

September 22, 2017

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Hey everyone

How is it going? A few weeks ago we got invited to attend Africa Fashion Week Europe. The event was located in Amsterdam, so being the true fashion lover, I totally grabbed the opportunity to check it out. Yay for tons of new fashion inspiration and let's be honest, who can refuse an occasion to really get dressed up again right?

It's All About Red - Amsterdam Fashion Week

August 24 - 2017

Tamara Chloé, Red Zara dress, Fashion Week Amsterdam

Fashion Week Amsterdam, Dennis Diem
Hi everyone

We are back in Amsterdam and I still wanted to post a few snaps from when I went to Amsterdam Fashion Week a few weeks ago. I got invited to attend the Dennis Diem show and as always I was absolutely thrilled to be able to check out their new collection.

I have been really into wearing red lately, so I wore this low cut red number and dressed it down by throwing on an oversized striped blazer. I finished the look by choosing a pair of fish net socks and killer heels to add some edge to the total look.

What do you guys think?

6 Beach Clubs To Check Out When Traveling To Bali

July 26, 2017

Tamara Chloé, Beachclub, Bali

Bali is famous for it's incredible beach clubs and sizzling nightlife. Are you visiting Bali this Summer?  Well you definitely should, and if you are desperate for an amazing beach experience, you just have check out my list of  favorite Bali hot spots. You can thank me later, yeah yeah!

 Enjoy my friends!

10 Fabulous Summer Floats That Will Spark Up Any Pool Party

July 6, 2017

Every girl needs that spectacular pool floaty to spice up her Summer days right? Not only do they look fun in all your summer vacay and Instagram photos, Lounging about on your colorful floaty is the way to relax and unwind, while your working on a much needed tan. Picture a refreshing cocktail in your hand and your next summer get-away will be one to remember. Fun guaranteed with these ones!

Grab your favorite floaty down below! 


8 Trendy Red Dresses That Will Turn Heads This Summer

July 4, 2017

Every woman knows that throwing on a killer red dress can shift her mood from blah to bliss. Nowadays a sexy red number can be worn in multiple different ways. From daytime casual to night time fabulous. It's all about pairing it with the right accessories. I picked a few trendy eye catchers for you, that are difficult not to notice this season. Read on and let me know which one is your favorite!


The Latest On Instagram

June 26, 2017

 Happy Monday everyone,

I just wanted to drop by with a quick hello, wanting to share my latest Instagram pics. Are you already following along @tamarachloe filled with Bali travel tips and outfit inspiration? I would love to check out some new Instagram accounts to follow, so please do spam and share you Insta with me.

I have been very busy preparing new outfit inspiration for you guys and this blog will soon be located back in Amsterdam again. I can't wait to share my city photos with you again and uuuh wearing high heels again. Like I mentioned before wearing these are almost impossible to do out here in Bali. Think sweltering heat and cobble stone pavements. I will be back soon darlings.

Enjoy a fabulous start of the new week everyone!


With love Tamara Chloé


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The Bali Travel Guide Series - The Legian Part 2

June 18, 2017

 Happy Sunday everyone!

This is the second part of our magical stay at The Legian Bali. I wrote a full review about this award winning 5 star hotel in my latest post here.

We took so many photos, that's why I still have a few outfits to share with you guys. Bali has been so good to us and The Legian has played a huge part in this amazing adventure. Keep reading to find out more about our stay here...

The Bali Travel Guide Series - The Legian Part 1

June 5, 2017

 Happy Monday everyone! How is it all going?

I am excited to share yet another travel adventure with you. This time I am taking you to the exquisite multi- award winning Legian Bali in Seminyak  When you try to imagine perfection, The Legian Bali happens to get very close to making this perfection possible. I consider myself lucky to have traveled and stayed in numerous hotels and resorts all over the world, but The Legian Bali takes impeccable service to another level. Read on to find out more about the time we spent at this gorgeous location.

Tribal Prints & Pompoms At Kuta Beach

May 28, 2017

Tamara Chloé, Chloé Bag, Mini Marcie tan, Mabu By Maria BK pompom sandals, Bali, Kuta beach

Kuta Beach, Bali Indonesia
The heat in Bali always requires a girl to wear loose fitted and comfortable clothing. Heels? Tried it and trust me it was a huge mistake. Picture me almost falling flat on my face on a night out on the town. The street pavements here were probably invented by someone not thinking of any girl wanting to dress up. Nope, I have to stick with comfy shoes, so as you can imagine I like to get creative and wear all sorts of colorful sandals. Dresses and tops and skirts ditto. To avoid breaking out in sweat by wearing clingy clothes, I opt for easy breezy dresses to keep it fashionable and stay cool while I am at it...

Home Away From Home At Aqua Octaviana Bali Villas

May 21, 2017

Tamara Chloé, Aqua Octaviana Bali Villa, Bamboo Blond Dress, Bali, Indonesia

Finding the perfect accommodation where I feel at right home is one of the most challenging tasks while traveling I think. Especially if you are away from home for months at the time. I always look for a place that has that homey feeling and that's what we found when we discovered The Aqua Octaviana Bali Villas. We have stayed here for more than two months and after that, we still never wanted to leave. So let me tell you about this gorgeous spot, and what made it so special to us...