Gold jeans and Black Faux Fur

Hey Everyone

Check out my latest obsession
 Metallic gold skinnies!

Black faux fur chicker cape:Supertrash,jeans Bella booties Sasha Not For Basics,Gloves H&M,black sweater: Zara,Lace Clutch Ladies store Amsterdam

Hey all!
Are you all counting down to new years eve?
Out here in Amsterdam we all have fireworks and eat lots of sweet pastries called Oliebollen and appelflappen en they are YUMMY but oh not so good maintaning a slim figure lol
I am so in love with these skinny jeans I bumped into a few days ago
They can be worn in so many different ways I think?
Classy and trendy and it all just depends how you style them.
I chose black fur because I really wanted the gold to stand out,paired with some purple gloves and burgundy booties to give it a pop of color and give it a trendy glam feel
and with this weather we need all the color and glam we can get don't you think??

I am wishing you all a fabulous NYE!
Enjoy and have fun!!
2013 I am ready!!
How about you?

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé


Christmas Partydress in Green Lace


Dress and coat:Zara, Heels: Sasha not for basics, Bag: and necklace H&M, bracelets with charms and pearls Bijenkorf, Snakebracelet:Albert Cuyp Amsterdam

Hey everyone!

On my way for an amazing christmas dinner at my families house, I had to make a stop for some tea and outfit shots.
The little cafe we dropped by was so charming.
It really got me in the spirit even more then I already was!

 How do you guys like my dress?
I bought this gorgeous lace dress in the summer and it was hanging in my closet waiting for the perfect occasion!

When two dresses I had laid my eyes on were both sold out, I though why not wear this gorgeous dress that has just been eating dust for the last few months?
The green reminds me of  green christmas trees and looks so christmas chic I think.

We had the most AMAZING indonesian foods and I ate so much I almost went in to a food coma.
Something I rarely do.
We unwrapped christmas gifts and had an amazing time.

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays too!!

Have a wonderful week.
New years is just around the corner!

xoxo Tamara Chloé


Studded denim and Sunny yellow

Black leather look Jeans and Top: Zara. Handbag: H&M, Denim Jacket:Realty jeans, Earings:Ladyland Amsterdam, Bow ring Hema , Boots,boutique Albert Cuyp Amsterdam, Jewellery local stores

Hey All

I hope you are all preparing for a fantastic holiday season with friends and family!
I am getting to ready to celebrate christmas with my loved ones,eating fabulous foods opening up cute gifts and enjoying,... it will be fun!
I am almost done with my Christmas shopping but before that I wanted to share an outfit post lol
YES bright yellow beacause I am missing summer like crazy
everthing is so dark and cold and wet outside!
I had to brighten it up by wearing this cute fringe top I got this summer.
I found this denim studded jacket last week,and I had been looking for a good one for a while
and here it was hanging,with just the right fit
I LOVE denim jackets
they never go out of style
I do have to say this bright top was turning heads out on the street
kinda like I was a crazy person
 In this city people like to blend in and wear mostly black
You hardly see any color this season
which I think is a damn shame lol
I think winter needs more color,so why not break that rule of wearing dark colors and go bold!!

have an amazing weekend everyone 
love and kisses 

Tamara Chloé



Stripes and Lilac

Hey Everyone

I hope you all are having a wonderfull week
YES it is black and white and some lilac you guys
I fell in love with this black and white skirt the minute I laid my eyes on it at Zara's,
I mean black and white stripes are such a classic and I have always loved it ever since I was a little girl......

Coat:Supertrash, skirt Zara,Heels H&M,Umbrella Bijenkorf, Earings and gloves Albert cuyp 

Lilac is a color we have not been seeing too much for a while now
It was so hard to find a pair of lilac gloves because really I was looking for a leather pair!
After spending all afternoon searching I came across these woolen fingerless ones which I think are so cute!
 I needed something different after all the burgundy we have been bombarded with this fall lol
Lilac is so fresh and soft.
I love it with the camel color of one of my favorite coats,I bought last winter at Supertrash!

I like to pair  lilac with silver!
That's why I paired it with silver heels and kinda give it a soft and yet edgy futuristic feel!
 I think this black and white striped skirt will be one of my faves for the next few months lol
talk to you all again soon!!

love Tamara Chloé



Shades of Red.....failed photoshoot stress.

Hey everyone!

Just a question to all my fellow bloggers out there?

Have you ever been out on the street?
Your photographer right next to you.
Make up all done,clothes all in place...ready to shoot,
and you start shooting and you instantly feel it!
Today it will NOT happen!!

You feel bloated and not attractive! 
The wind is blowing your hair in places making you think you look like a freak.
 You feel some slight rain coming up and to top it all you are absolutely freezing!
You feel akward striking a pose.
You feel like everyone is staring at you and normally you don't even care about the stares!
Normally you feel happy,quirky, smiley and confident,because you are dressed to kill
 BUT not today!

Just when you  feel like you can't handle it anymore,boys in cars start honking their horns and screeming and trying to get attention
ow it is flattering but damn it NOT now
Schoolkids passing by are staring with their little mouths open pulling their moms arm like what the hell is shé doing?
Their mom tries to explain to the kids what the hell I am doing,but mom stares in a weird way too because she doesn't get it either!

But you feel hope,...and when you and your photographer take a peek at the first few pictures on the DSLR guess what?
You absolutely hate it!!!
 Am I the only one who every now and again feels like she wants to throw a whole outfitshoot in her laptops garbage bin?
I guess this happens to me at least once a month lol
There were only three pictures in this all shades of red esemble I thought were blogworthy
the rest?

but I so love all these red colors I had to post some of them
fashionbloggers are you with me on this one?

Have a great day and 

much love Tamara Chloé

Jeans:Zara,Scarf and Clutch Albert Cuyp,Shirt: Primark


Leopard and polka dots.

Hey everyone!

print on of my faves at the moment!

Launch Bubbleclub 

 Skirt: H&M,clutch: Primark,blouse:Luxe Collection:Heels:Always,Jewellery: Local stores

Owh yeah!!!... I am love with leopard,... I mean I have always been!
I thought I needed to spice things up a little with this cold boring weather and decided to wear leopard with polka dots when I went to this event last friday for the launch of a new club called the Bubble club
The top really gives me this baroque feel wich is so trendy right now,I mean like I said I love anything baroque and mixed with sexy leopard?
Hey I am in print heaven!!

So a question for you guys!
Would you wear print on print?
Or is it something you will pass?
Just curious on your thoughts
Talk to you all again soon.
Have an AMAZING weekend

xo Tamara Chloé


Military sequined sleeve jacket

Hey Everyone

First of all thanks to all of you old and new friends who have left comments on my last posts,I haven't been able to reply to all of you just yet ,but trust me they are so appreciated!

Okay let's talk about my new favorite!
This gold sequined army jacket.
I have been trying to find an army parka,since the beginning of this year,and I have never been able to find THE ONE lol
I watched so many girls wear the same army jackets in this I was watiing to find that special jacket!
One that really stood out and was different,I could not find it for the life of it!
UNTILL I bumped into this jacket with gold sequine sleeves a few days ago
it was LOVE at first sight!

Army Jacket: light or dark khaki Jeans: Zara, Heels: Bebe: here,Clutch River Island here,Earings Primark,scarf ,bow ring Hema,but I like this one too: here

If any of you know my blog a little,
you may have noticed I am obsessed with anything gold.
The sequin trend has been all over the place this season.
From  dresses to skirts from leggings to shorts and even gloves.
This jacket is definitely one of my favorites!
Yes because of the gold and YES because I have been wanting to go army for months now
Finally my wish came true:)))

I wish you all a WONDERFULL weekend, and of course I will talk to you all soon!