Amsterdam fashion week SuperTrash fashionshow

I was so fortunate to go to the Supertash Fashion show on the 28th of january during Amsterdam Fashion week.because I am a HUGE fan!
The show was at a great location,The Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam
So me and my mom went on our way that night!\
It was superbusy when we arrived and even the roads were delayed right in front of the building.
It was a long wait when we were seated but the show made up for it,It was really stunning,and so full of great colours!
lots of stripes,nude and white colours,but also Ibzia style long summerdresses in vibrant blue and purple colours.
gorgeous suits and at the end beautifull long evening gowns!

afterwards was a great afterparty
champagne and music!
the public was wearing their best outfits
I think I saw the Supertrash red and khaki hats on at least eight different girls;)

I was wearing a red dress from Emperial
a black supertrash cape with faux fur
a Chanel bracelet
long black nobody lol
and grabbed earings and matching necklace a few hours before at the local druggstore for twenty euros
I love bargains!

of course we got a cool goodiebag when we left!
where I could find a sample of the new Supertrash fragrance: Phenomonal
I am allready in love with this it smells powdery musky...with a light smell of flowers
very mysterious and sexy
unfortunatetly we have to wait till spring before this fragrance will come out!