great style starts with your home!

Okay loving fashion looking great,or even being a fashionista, you are trying to make a statement.
A statement for most of all yourself and then of course the rest of the world!
Nothing is as off puting when you meet someone looking absolutely spectacular and going over to their home for the first find their home is not so fabulous as what they are trying to make out to be!
The worst is stumbeling over junk while wearing  your own supercute outfit paired with high stilleto designer heels
Unmade matrasses in the living room,YES in the living room,because buddies have slept over and have been stinking up the place,dont'ask me where I have seen it because it is quite a story,but I have seen it at a known TV personalities appartment who looks very stylish uuuugh what a huge turn of I wanted to run for the hills!
Anyways...laundry (clean?)all over the floor,why would you throw clean laundry on the floor,f it was dirty I would understand......,dirty dishes,and food from two weeks ago all over the tables
and NOT one spot to sit on any of their couches because it is covered with dirt,clothes books...plain junk......pfff who knows even dead bodies because it smells so bad lol.

I think someones home is an extension of their personality.even more then the clothes they wear!
It says so much about you.
even the style they pick,modern classic country,barok,glamorous chique ect ect

People with busy lives tend to have a home that is neutral and calm looking,with cool tones.
Are you romantic?
You tend to lots use lots of colours(pinks reds) flowers luxuries textures!
People who kinda live in the past tend to go for classic and antiques
Of course I am sayin "tend" as it doesn't apply on everybody.

But check someones personality and you will find it in their home and THEN their clothes;)

I try to extend my fashionstyle to my home because it makes me feel good being in it and so the rest of the world can see yes...her home is what she looks like this IS Tamara!
Yes we can look great and show our fashionstyle to the world,but please make sure you clean up first lol
Because it is not really what kind of interior you have in your home or room as long as its clean and your own pesonal touches are in it!
It doesn't have to be expensive either!

It's the dirt that ain't sexy and no expensive designer outfit will make up for it! xx