A cold walk in the park

Today was such a beautifull but véry cold wintersday!
Me and my mom went out and thought it was a good idea to shoot some pictures of my outfit outside in the park.
I had to make do with shooting pictures with my blackberry so the quality is not great
the pictures I took in my home I took with my HD webcam...which actually shoots nice pictures in bright daylight
I am not a pro of course I just know if I like what I see.
The lighting is something I struggle with constantly as it changes all the time
my last outfits I shot on my couch (see"color me peach and white"" and  "winterblues and brickred boots")when it was getting near dark so I had to hurry,as the webcam doesn't have a flash lol.
I had to fix the light in the pictures with photoshop.
oh well I love being creative like this.
I really want a new camera so bad,because mine just recently broke when it fell on the floor.
I am so bummed about that!
I am thinking of buying the Nikon D5000
I have heard so many good stories about it.
I am such a rookie when it comes to photograpy....the only thing I know is that I love doing it
I am starting photography classes soon,as I have always wanted to learn how to take real great pictures.
the lighting,the feeling of a beautifull picture the colours just fascinates me
I love taking pictures of  people,and make them look as beautifull as possible!
I can not wait to get started with a real great camera:) 

Coat: Supertrash
Shoes Daniele Dentici
skirt Dass&Co
bag: Vintage
Houndstooth scarf in ponytail;Vintage boutique in Amsterdam