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About me

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

I am Tamara and I am from Amsterdam The Netherlands.

I am a fun loving,  free spirit, who has always believed in expressing myself through art. It could be in dance, singing, photography and yes fashion! I love everything that is magical and not a part of daily life. I love the dreamy and glamorous side of life. My childhood was filled with fairytale books, ballet and music. Fashion is that magic for everyone that can instantly make any person feel better I think!

I started this blog to express myself through art called fashion, to inspire and to be inspired. My style is best described as: feminine, modern, classy, edgy and fun. I love mixing fabrics,colors, styles and I love to mix classics with modern day wear.  I hope you can find inspiration in this blog and like reading it as much as I love to create it. The photography, backgrounds for my photos, styling the outfits, make up and hair are so much fun to me and with every outfit I shoot, I learn something new and I love to learn new things!

I am  childlike dreamer sometimes, but hey it keeps me going and helps me staying excited about life and all the wonderful aspects of it.

I am studying photography and I'm a huge travel lover, something that I love to share with you. I love the fact you are here on my blog so please say hello anytime as I will always drop a line back to you.

Much love and lets keep sharing our fashion adventures!

xo Tamara Chloé