My all time fave high heeled Uggs!

I am not a big Ugg lover....mainly because too many girls wear them and I just don't feel very feminine in them.
Needless to say UGGs are soooo comfortable and feel divine when you walk in them.
I bought UGGS when they became very popular in 2003.
Nobody was wearing them yet...and people gave me very weird stares and almost laughed at me like: "what the hell is this girl wearing"?
less then a year later....almost every girl was wearing them,even girls I knew who hated them at first
talking about being brainwashed lol.
I understand our cold winterweather forces us to find something warm and comfortable yet stylish,but still  to me the regular ones look too bulgy....
UNTILL I fell in love with these new Uggs,which is a boot with a heel!

They are so soft on the inside and the sole is made out of rubber so you dont even feel like you are walking on heels
LOVE them!!