Rock Chic at sunset

                                                                        Hi everyone

                                              Today,the sun was shining so brightly through my windows
                                              I thought I would shoot some pictures in a  taupe colored asymmetric dress
                                              I allready bought a month ago,but haven't even worn yet!
                                              The sun was setting while I was taking these pictures making me look
                                               ike I have an ultra tanned glow
                                               It really was the light of the sun that made the pictures
                                               turn out thís bright and satured!!
                                               I have been really learning a lot about light
                                               since I've started taking pictures for this blog.
                                               Natural light can just change by the minute,making
                                               each of the pictures I take look very different I think
                                               Sometimes I want the same look and feel in every shoot,
                                               but I guess my pictures are like life itself. It changes constantly!
                                               I am still so anxious to get the Nikon D5000 camera,
                                               so I will be able to take real proffesional shots.
                                               In my last post i told you guys I went to
                                               Primark for the first time last week.
                                               The clutch,necklace and ring,are one of the items
                                               I snatched that day and I just love them!
                                               I love mixing  more expensive items with bargains!
                                               Have a great wednesday every one!
                                               and let me know what you think xoxo


I am so in love with the color mint,THE color for summer 2012
it is so soft powdery and looks stunning with other pastels like yellow and peach
today it was so sunny and warm outside I decided to wear this combination of mint and peach
I got the cardigan and top and some of the jewellery at Primark a few days ago...a store I had never been to,but I have to say I was pretty impressed!
so here it is,my first Primark outfit lol

                                                           Cardigan  Primark
                                                           Mint top: Primark
                                                           Mint jeans:  Moon boutique Amsterdam
                                                           Earings:  Forever 21 Los Angeles
                                                           Mint and gold bangles: Primark
                                                           Belt shaped gold bracelet :Supertrash
                                                           Snake gold bracelet: Supertrash
                                                           Ring: Primark

Trend... Hair Chains

How pretty are these hair chains? I am absolutely in love with this new trend, and I think these chains are a show stoppper. Especially on a night out in town.These will definitely make a dramatic and trendy statement! What do you guys think about these hairchains? Would you wear one and how would you wear it?

You can find the hairchains here:
Thanks for stopping by.
With love Tamara Chloé 

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Virgin White Spring

Shoes:Ugg Australia
Dress:Glitz and Glam
white jeans :Goodies jeans

Black Faux Fur in the City


                                         Coat: Lady store Van Woustraat Amsterdam
                                         Jeans: Morgan du Toi
                                         Boots:Sasha not for basics
                                         Bag Imperial
                                         Shirt: Cool cat
                                         Scarf Supertrash
                                         Bracelett Albert Cuyp Market Amsterdam

Mint and nude colors

                                                      Coat: Zara new collection
                                                      Mint colored skinny jeans: Moon boutique
                                                      Blouse:Moon Boutique
                                                      Boots Ugg Australian
                                                      Bag: vintage