Rock Chic at sunset

                                                                        Hi everyone

                                              Today,the sun was shining so brightly through my windows
                                              I thought I would shoot some pictures in a  taupe colored asymmetric dress
                                              I allready bought a month ago,but haven't even worn yet!
                                              The sun was setting while I was taking these pictures making me look
                                               ike I have an ultra tanned glow
                                               It really was the light of the sun that made the pictures
                                               turn out thís bright and satured!!
                                               I have been really learning a lot about light
                                               since I've started taking pictures for this blog.
                                               Natural light can just change by the minute,making
                                               each of the pictures I take look very different I think
                                               Sometimes I want the same look and feel in every shoot,
                                               but I guess my pictures are like life itself. It changes constantly!
                                               I am still so anxious to get the Nikon D5000 camera,
                                               so I will be able to take real proffesional shots.
                                               In my last post i told you guys I went to
                                               Primark for the first time last week.
                                               The clutch,necklace and ring,are one of the items
                                               I snatched that day and I just love them!
                                               I love mixing  more expensive items with bargains!
                                               Have a great wednesday every one!
                                               and let me know what you think xoxo