I am so in love with the color mint,THE color for summer 2012
it is so soft powdery and looks stunning with other pastels like yellow and peach
today it was so sunny and warm outside I decided to wear this combination of mint and peach
I got the cardigan and top and some of the jewellery at Primark a few days ago...a store I had never been to,but I have to say I was pretty impressed!
so here it is,my first Primark outfit lol

                                                           Cardigan  Primark
                                                           Mint top: Primark
                                                           Mint jeans:  Moon boutique Amsterdam
                                                           Earings:  Forever 21 Los Angeles
                                                           Mint and gold bangles: Primark
                                                           Belt shaped gold bracelet :Supertrash
                                                           Snake gold bracelet: Supertrash
                                                           Ring: Primark