Ocean Blue and Hot Pink

Bikini top and Ring and spikebracelett:H&M,Sandals small boutique Zandvoort at the Ocean,earings and necklace:vintage at Ladyland Van Woustraat Amsterdam,skirt:Ladyland Amsterdam,Belt bracelett Supertrash

Hi Everyone!

I am all for a maxi skirt when I go to the beach,flowy and light,and very glam I think:)
Today we went to this cute beachtown Zandvoort to grab some dinner and sun and do some shopping.
while I was strolling around I bought a few bikinitops and two maxiskirts and these cute bow sandal slippers
I was actually wearing a  black lace dress,but when we got down to the beach I changed into my new gear,and thought we could take some pictures while we were at it lol
mind me,but this beach look was inpulsive and kinda thrown together,but I love the color match blue and pink

The beachclub  where we had dinner was so lovely,with palmtrees and budha statues annd beautifull furniture,making you feel like you were in Ibiza
I had a great day!

talk to you guys soon again!

much love Tamara Chloé

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Ankle Cuffs and a Fringe skirt

    Top,fringe skirt,belt: Zara,Cuffbracelet,ankle cuffs and cuff necklace,spikebracletts H&M.heels,Jennika,snakecuff bracelett,Supertrash,Clutch,Primark

Hey everyone

I have been obsessed with gold cuffs,in any form for the last couple of months,.....necklaces and braceletts name it I love them and I wear them a lot!
last week I ran into these gold ankle cuffs at H&M and I was soooooo superexcited becuase I had been looking for them for months but couldn't find them!
They ran out at Asos.so I had allready given up on ever finding them here in Amsterdam again

But here they are...you can wear them with any heel or sandal.
Intstantly transforming it in a glam and chic look

I found this cute little fringe skirty,acutally they are shorts a few months ago.and I didn't buy them at first,then when I came back for them on another day to find them being sold out uuuugh bummer
But then a few weeks ago,they were up on the rack again...aaah I was so happy

Today it was a extremly hot day in the Netherlands...so it was perfect to wear anything short and cute....afterwards I took my heels off and I slipped into my sandals and we went out for a mexican dinner..yummy just so perfect on a hot summer day.
It made me feel like I was on vacation

Have a wonderfull day and talk to you guys and girls soon!

PS any gold or silver or any colour cuff obsessed folks out there hihi

much love Tamara Chloé ~

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Blue Peplum and Snakeskin Print

    Heels and Peplum Top: ZaraSkirt: lady Store Van WoustraatRing with orange stone and necklace H&M bracellets Supertrash and Primark,Clutch Albert Cuyp

Hey everyone

According to fashionsources, the peplum trend is here to stay,continuing into the fall and winter collections........huraaaay I love it:)
I have bought this peplum top 6 weeks ago and I was still trying to find something that would match it perfectly
I have worn it with black leather skinnies...but I wanted to show you guys you can do more with this excellent peplum top!

So I finally found something perfect,snakeskin...I dont know why but I love the combo
epecially with  a red clutch
I didn't want this peplum to be part of a matchy matchy outfit,...I wanted it to sparkle a little without taking the gorgeous royal blue color away
I wanted to enhance it!:))
This fall,snake and leopard skin will be very trendy,and actually I have bought this skirt for a bargain this last winter allready....just laying around in my closet,I woke up and though oh wow,these two will look great together lol

Just a fun post you guys...check out the right statue in the pictures closely lol
About this peplum trend
Any peplum obsessed girls out there
Let me know lol
talk to you guys and girls soon!

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé

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Snowwhite and Houndstooth


   Tulle skirt:I love Mode Boutique,Blazer by Objection,Top and Heels by Zara,Necklace H&M,Clutch,Wear Open,flower headband Bijou Brigitte

Hey everyonne

Last saturday I went to the official opening party for fashionweek in Amsterdam hosted by my good friend Rejhan putz
Rejhan is the owner for the website Fashionbloggers.nl
I am proud to be her next new blogger writing weekly collums on her website
I am exccited because my my first collumn will be up this week:))))
I will keep you updated and tell you more about it soon!

About the event last saturday!
I thought it would be great to wear something completely different then I usually do...I wanted to wear all WHITE lol
For some reason I thought my new houndstooth print blazer would be great with it,because it is such a classic print and so chic and edgy at the same time
I felt like covering up a little bit,because the outfit is showing so much skin
I wasn't right though when I thought it would be too reavealing because when I got to the event I noticed how many girls were wearing supersexy dresses and it was only at the end,I finally took of my blazer
Oh well lol

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flowerprint crossover skirt


    Crossover skirt:Zara,Top:Zara,Bag and Earings:Albert Cuyp,Braceletts Supertrash and H&M,Heels:Always,

Hey everyone

How gorgeous is Amsterdam in the summer?
I am so pround of the city I was born in!
Even though LA is my second home and London my heart,this place is like no place in the world,because of it's charm and stunning canals.
Todays weather was wonderfull,warm and,sunny and I felt like wearing something floral to celibrate this wonderfull day!
I fell in love with this floral crossover skirt from Zara,the second I laid my eyes on it!
I didn't even look twice or think,I grabbed it and was on my way to the dressingroom to try it on!
I actually grabbed a lot of stuff,and went home packed with bags like a real shoppingqueen,ONLY to find out the next day,there would be a sale at Zara %*##......I was so bummed about it
because I could have gotten so much more for the money I spent lolololol
Oh well hihi:)
I can't help but keep putting neon colored items in my looks,sorry guys it has been my latest obsession!
To me it looks so summer,I love it!
That's why I had to wear a pink neon top with this skirt,just to brighten up the black!

I hope you guys like it
I would love to hear if you are into the floral trend this summer too!
Have a great day everyone and talk to you guys soon!!

love Tamara Chloé


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