All Black and a White Lace blazer

Skirt and blazer :Albert Cuyp,Heels Always,Bag Ladyland Van Woustraat Amsterdam,Lace leather bracelet by Mizzieezz, Necklace and Earstuds H&M...

Hi Everyone

I am cringing at the thought of fall coming soon although I look forward wearing fantastic fall outfits,where you can really dress up and layer but I am NOT ready yet!
Yesterday I spotted a fallen leaf from a tree siiiigh....
Anyways I am still rocking summerwear like there is no tommorow,
so skirts, dresses and shorts is still my favorite wear at the moment
I think most people agree with me there nothing more classic like simple black and white.
I am a huge  fan of color so when I wear black and white I have to glam it up a little by playing with patterns and different fabrics

Lace has always been one of my faves and I found this lace blazer a few weeks ago and fell in love with it.
Another favorite of mine is the lace bracelet by Mizzieezz  Hangdgems
It's handmade stretch leather and this piece is part of the new wintercollection 
 I love her jewellery
Visit her website for stunning leather jewellery here:Mizzieezz Handgems

I hope you are all still enjoying summer while it lasts!
Talk to you all soon

Much love Tamara Chloé


Neon Overload and Ombre lips

    Heels,Skinny Jeans,Top Zara,Bag Albert Cuyp,Neon bracelett,necklace earstuds and rings H&M

Hey everyone
Such a hot sunny day,I fellt like wearing this overload of neon, and yes some serious colorblocking...but hell I love the vibrant colors
what if the neon trend faded?...I least I wore it all the way this summer lol
So here it is!
How do you  like my ombre lips?
It was a try out,but I really like it.
It really creates extra depth and looks like so much fun don't you think?
Of course you have to blend the colors well,so bare with me as this was my first time!
I hope I'll get better at it,and try some different ombre lipstyles this summer

what about you would you rock some ombre lips and to hear your thoughts??

Talk to you all soon again

Much love xoxo Tamara Chloé

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Ombre Mint Fringe Flapper in the Green Woods

 Fringe dress and white heels:Zara, Cutch,Wear Open Albert Cuyp, Flowerring Primark,Cristal ring and braclett,H&M

Hey everyone

How beautifull is this mint ombre fringe flapper dress?
I love it so much,the color is soooo pretty,and summer has been so hot the last week,I have been trying to wear all the summergear I havent been able to wear yet!
I still had so much stuff in my closet,with the tags still on it hihi' and this dress was one of these items

Still in the south of holland on my minivacation we went to these gorgeous woods,that looked just so magical
I haven't been to the woods in years,and I was awe of all the different color greens and the silence and serenity there
After shooting these pictures I took of my heels and walked around for a while in my flats,enjoying the stunning greens

So how about you guys,have you been able to wear all your summerclothes yet??
just curious lol

talk to you guys and girls soon!

much love Tamara Chloé
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Create beautifull Pinterest collages with your iPad with Bazaart App


Hi guys I am so excited about my new Pinterest account,which I have opened recently!

I love searching for anything that inspires me,so I have been kind of obsessing over this cool website that is just so full of visual yumminess
I mean anything I love you can find on my Pinterest,fashion,jewellery,foods,places,cute pets,beautifull flowers homes gardens,cities...anything!

About a week ago I found this great app called Bazaart,it lets you create amazing collages on your Ipad with your pins!
So great to showcase your pins on your blog or even anything that inspires you.
It is so easy and fun,I absolutely love it.
The collages are clickable too,meaning if you click on them once you have posted them on your blog it will take you straight to your Pinterest.
Here are a few of my collages and if you guys have a Pinterest account I would love it if you join me there and of course I will join you back...the more inspiration the merrier!

You can find the Bazaart app in the appstore and the best part is it is for free.

talk to you guys soon xoxo love Tamara Chloé

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Source: via Tamara-Chloe on Pinterest

Don't want no short blog man

Shorts and heels:Zara,Shirt,Choyce,Clutch,white bowbracelett and pearl earstuds,Albert Cuyp,Pearl bracelett and black fuzzy ring:H&M,

Hey Everyone

Have you read the text on my shirt?
It reads:"Don't want no short blog man" lol
As a blogger I thought the shirt was hilarious,so of course I had to get it!
It has been very warm here so I though I could just pair it with cute shorts and my new heels I got at Zara's sale two weeks ago
I am in LOVE with the gold heels!
The black strappy leather makes it look so edgy and sexy!

I have been spending a few days in the south of Holland and in this town Helmond there is this gorgeous castle,with red doors and red and white flowers
I knew I wanted to hang out there and shoot some outfitphotos
On a warm day we strolled around and took load of pictures
I felt like I went back in time and it all looked so much like a ferrytale
As a kid I was obsessed with ferrytales as I was not allowed to watch too much tv,so I lost myself in books and stories of princesses, kings and queens
when I see a castle like this,I think of my child hood  and I remember reading my ferrytalebooks and imagening I was locked up by a wicked witch lol.

This particular castle lights up at night and the colors change from red to purple and then to all white,it is absolutely GORGEOUS!
We had so much fun shooting this outfit!
I hope you guys like it too.

Have a wonderfull week everyone!
talk to you again!

Much love Tamara Chloé

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