Create beautifull Pinterest collages with your iPad with Bazaart App


Hi guys I am so excited about my new Pinterest account,which I have opened recently!

I love searching for anything that inspires me,so I have been kind of obsessing over this cool website that is just so full of visual yumminess
I mean anything I love you can find on my Pinterest,fashion,jewellery,foods,places,cute pets,beautifull flowers homes gardens,cities...anything!

About a week ago I found this great app called Bazaart,it lets you create amazing collages on your Ipad with your pins!
So great to showcase your pins on your blog or even anything that inspires you.
It is so easy and fun,I absolutely love it.
The collages are clickable too,meaning if you click on them once you have posted them on your blog it will take you straight to your Pinterest.
Here are a few of my collages and if you guys have a Pinterest account I would love it if you join me there and of course I will join you back...the more inspiration the merrier!

You can find the Bazaart app in the appstore and the best part is it is for free.

talk to you guys soon xoxo love Tamara Chloé

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Source: via Tamara-Chloe on Pinterest