Featured on Pose.com

Hey Everyone

I am so excited to tell you guys I was featured  on Pose.com style quiz yesterday!! 
Pose.com is a free app where you can view and share and discover styles from all over the world on Iphone and Ipad
You can even shop items stylists or bloggers wear without ever leaving the site
It is an amazing tool for ANY blogger and gives you so much exposure
I mean Pose has over a million and a half users 

last week I woke up with an e-mail from the Pose team telling me they had featured one of my poses and told me they loved my work and style.
Alicia from Pose.com told me she would feature me in the next style quiz and boy how wonderfull has that been
I got 1700 new followers in one day and one of my poses went up straight to the top of the popular list allong side one of my favorite bloggers Annabelle Fleur from Viva Luxury , Cocorocha,the ZoeReport,Catt Sadler the tv host from the E-channel (one of my favorite channels) and many more amazing bloggers and stylists...

I want to thank the team from Pose and Alica for believing in me and giving me this amazing opportunity!
I feel so honored!

If you guys are not on Pose.com yet,please do so it is an amazing app
find me there by the name  "tamarachloe"

get the app for iOS and Android!
let me know how you guys like it!

Much love and talk to you all soon!