Shades of Red.....failed photoshoot stress.

Hey everyone!

Just a question to all my fellow bloggers out there?

Have you ever been out on the street?
Your photographer right next to you.
Make up all done,clothes all in place...ready to shoot,
and you start shooting and you instantly feel it!
Today it will NOT happen!!

You feel bloated and not attractive! 
The wind is blowing your hair in places making you think you look like a freak.
 You feel some slight rain coming up and to top it all you are absolutely freezing!
You feel akward striking a pose.
You feel like everyone is staring at you and normally you don't even care about the stares!
Normally you feel happy,quirky, smiley and confident,because you are dressed to kill
 BUT not today!

Just when you  feel like you can't handle it anymore,boys in cars start honking their horns and screeming and trying to get attention
ow it is flattering but damn it NOT now
Schoolkids passing by are staring with their little mouths open pulling their moms arm like what the hell is shé doing?
Their mom tries to explain to the kids what the hell I am doing,but mom stares in a weird way too because she doesn't get it either!

But you feel hope,...and when you and your photographer take a peek at the first few pictures on the DSLR guess what?
You absolutely hate it!!!
 Am I the only one who every now and again feels like she wants to throw a whole outfitshoot in her laptops garbage bin?
I guess this happens to me at least once a month lol
There were only three pictures in this all shades of red esemble I thought were blogworthy
the rest?

but I so love all these red colors I had to post some of them
fashionbloggers are you with me on this one?

Have a great day and 

much love Tamara Chloé

Jeans:Zara,Scarf and Clutch Albert Cuyp,Shirt: Primark