Red Hot Winter

Hey everyone!

Who said you have to wear boring clothes because it is cold?
I have to brighten these dark and snowy days with a color like bold: RED!

Blazer old:Zara,Skirt and Clutch:Primark,booties:Sasha Not For Basics,belt H&M,sweater: Mango,Scarf Albert Cuyp Amsterdam,Jewellery :Lucardi

Hi all!
It is still FREEZING out here!
I am not the type to complain about the weather because I believe there are far worse things in the world then extreme tempatures,but wow it is cold!!
I am completly ignoring snowboots,uggs and all black boring mountain hiking look-a like outfits
Me being a color lover hás to bring in at least some color in every outfit I wear!
When I do go all black,I like to brighten things up with sparkly jewellery and different textures
Lets say I will add fur,lace and sequins ect ect.

Okay back to this outfit!
This red blazer is super old!!
I bought it at Zara many years ago and loved it because there was this black padded belt attached to it.
I lost the belt a few years ago and stopped wearing it.
 Last week I added this studded belt to the blazer and I am back in love again
Don't you get that sometimes?
An old item becomes one of your favorites again?

I love this emererald green woolen scarf that is superwarm and according to colorexperts Pantone  thé color for 2013
I always like to add a third or even fourth color to the basic colorpalet I am using in a outfit.
It adds an interesting twist don't you think?
Well if you know my blog a little you must have noticed I am a colorfanatic!

Something so cool!
 How cute are the two girls who asked for my autograph lol!!
My first autograph signing as a fashionblogger!...
I felt so shy and humbled.
They were so well dressed too.
Love them!

Talk to you all again soon and tommorow I am going to a show for the Amsterdam Fashion Week!

Much love and have a fabulous weeekend xo Tamara Chloé


Winter Cool Colors

Hey everyone

I am kinda going through a blue and soft lilac phase lol!

Jacket: Drole de Copine,Leatherlook pants:Zara,Shirt:H&M,Gloves Albert Cuyp Amsterdam,Hat:Romano at Haastje Repje Amsterdam,Jewellery: Lucardi,Boots: Blink

OMG it is so cold out here!!
I was freezing my butt of in the snow today!
I couldn't feel my hands anymore and when I got back inside they hurt so bad lol.
I am in love with the color lilac and the color is very hard to find,
so when I bumped it to these leather handglove cuties with a little bow on it,I went nuts so happy!
Pantone released their new color for 2013 and it is drumroffel....... Emerald!
I love the green color with a hint of blue.
This jacket looks more like emerald in real life then it turned out in these photos.
I think pairing this color with some lilac and black gives it an edgy yet soft feel because of the pastels
what do you think?

Have a wonderfull sunday everyone and I will talk to you all again soon!

Much love Tamara Chloé


Indigo baroque coat in the snow

Hey Lovelies!

It's snowing and I LOVE IT!!!

Coat and hat: Supertrash.Jeans:Zara,knitted sweater and Gloves:H&M,Clutch Primark

I love the color burgundy as you can see in these pictures I took earlier today.
But this winter the color has been soooo overdone in the stores and out on the street lol
So I am trying to find ways to pair it with colors to make it looks fresh and new!
I found this striped sweater a few weeks ago on sale an H&M and instantly fell in love with the blue and lilac colors.
I think it looks lovely and fresh with the color burgundy and this blue coat I got at Supertrash last winter!
I am in love with this coat!
I wear it a lot,because you can wear it with anything and basically any color.
The blue color is like a blue jeans so versatile.
I love the Baroque feel this coat represents, still it is trendy and classy!
I get a lot of compliments on this coat!

A lot of people complain when it snows
but I absolutely love it!
The warm feeling I get when I wake up and the whole world turned white ooh lala.
It makes me feel like I landed in a magical ferrytale,and who doesn't love a ferrytale?
Oh well I was born in the winter does my love for snow maybe explains it?!
 My B-day is in 4 days so what can I say lol

Have a fab day all!!
Love Tamara Chloé


Sequined biker jacket and Silver metallic

Hi everyone!!

Sequined biker jacket:Julie at shop here.shirt:H&M,Heels Sasha not for basics,Jewellery:Lucardi,Silver metallic jeans:Miss RJ but I like this one too:click,or this one:click

I am completely in love with this purple/lilac blue-ish colored sequined bikerjacket
I want to thank the sweet girls and especially Nicky at for sending me this jacket
I was so excited when I opened their package I received in the mail
I have been a fan of their cool online store for a while now,because their items are so trendy and fun!
So if you are in a shopping mood or NEED to get this jacket like I did,check out their webstore for cute stuff

Anyone in the mood for jewellery?
There is a mad sale at Lucardi (for the ladies living in The Netherlands)
I grabbed all the silver jewellery I am wearing for prices you won't believe!!

I can't help it but I am in love with the metallic trend coming up
especially the silver metalic
I am usally a gold fan,but I am kinda hooked on silver too now lol
Especially wearing it with white, lilac, blues and black,... it is stunning!
 Basicaly you can mix metallic with any color of course!
I just love this clean and fresh colormix...definitely great for spring!

Just wondering would you guys rock the metallic trend or is it something you will pass? 

It is almost weekend,so enjoy it and have fun my lovelies:)))
talk to you all very soon again


much love Tamara Chloé


Fuchsia pink and black and white stripes

Hey Everyone

Oh yeah my first post in the New Year!

Happy New Year

My new obsession is the black and white stripes trend
how cute are these woolen gloves?

Leather spiked jacket:Drole de Copine,HeelsBebe,black and white striped gloves:local store,but I like this one too here,skirt:Azara,bag:gift from Vogue Magazine

I have always loved stripes!
To me they never go out of style and they look classy and clean and fresh with ány outfit!
 Stripes are becoming a hot trend right now.
I have seen them in almost every store from shirts to skirts to blazers to pants, dresses and YES gloves and scarfs!
I love black and white with the color fuchsia.
It turns the cool and clean stripes into something sexy and sweet
I bumped into this skirt  last week and the lace trim really caught my eye.
Of course it was love at first sight...because Fuchsia is my favorite color and I always drool over anything lace.
For a trendy feel I paired it with a leather spiked jacket and a woolen hat

The weather around here has been very mild and not so cold,so it is easy to wear skirts with some tights.
It's just the darkness and the grey skies day in and day out that is driving me nuts!
It is definitely making it very hard to get some good light for photography,but heck I try lol

Spring I am eagerly waiting for you!

You guys and girls have an AMAZING weekend

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé