Mirrored blue aviators and a Summerdress

Hey everyone!

I was so honored when I was  appoached by the lovely Natalia from nataliaoh.com to do an interview in her "She's got style" feature on her amazing fashionblog!
Me and Natalia met on instagram where we chat about fashion and style all the time.
The girl has an amazing style and she was also a Jamaica's blog awards winner for best beauty and fashionblog!
If you want to read the interview and  get to know a little more about me and discover Natalias blog then:

Denim Jacket::Realty jeans,Dress:Miss Posh,Ring and Necklace:Ladyland Amsterdam,Heels:Bebe,Anklecuffs:H&M,bracelet: Albert Cuyp Amsterdam,Aviator sunnies:Primark,Bag:Ladystore Amsterdam

I am so in the mood for summerdresses!
The weather out here has been cold still,but I could not resist to wear something summery.
I love pairing feminine dresses with something edgy,that's why I picked these aviator mirrored sunglassses and the studded denim jacket for an edgy twist.

This dress is super old.
I bought it in 2009 and I think I wore it once!
 I found it somewehere stacked away in a closet with items I would never wear again and thought why not spice it up with some supertrendy items?
I love the colors of this dress,so I think I will wear it more often this spring!
Don't you love it when you find an old piece of garnment and start wearing it again?

Wow tomorrow spring officially starts.
I am so excited!!
The only thing that needs improvement now is this weather in Holland!!
I need SUN!!!
It has been so dark here,it's been very hard to take well lit photos.
Heck I try though!

Please make sure you read the interview I did on nataliaoh.com
I would love to hear what you guys think!

 Don't forget to follow the lovely Natalia too!

Talk to all of you again soon and thanks so much for all your supersweet comments!

xoxo Tamara Chloé


Hot Pink Jack Daniels


Although I live in Amsterdam,my heart is in LA,
I can never say no to the New york Yankees!

Jacket:Softy outerwear,Skirt Lelywood,Tshirt:Sleeping Angel,Bag:Ladystore Amsterdam,bracelet spiked  and ring Ladyland Amsterdam,heels Always,Rhinestone bracelets,rings and silver bangles Lucardi,Baseball NY cap:Headict.nl

I love the fact that baseball caps are back in style.
For years they have been a huge no no over here!
I couldn't stand it,I missed my caps lol
 I love wearing one,when I am having a bad hairday or I just want to transform a dressy look into something more casual!
Although LA has always been my second home,I still have a huge love for New York!

One of the most amazing,radiant,fashionfilled cities in the world,I have always been in love with anything originating from this vibrant city.
Even when I lived in LA,I secretly wished I could live in New York too!
So Yankees it is for today lol..
If you live in the Netherlands you can get the coolest hats and baseball caps at Headict.nl

How do you like this cute bag with all the colorfull stripes?
I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and I just had to get it or I would stomp the floor and cry like a spoiled baby lol
What can I say the innerchild in me needs it because stripes are hot and I am a colorfanatic!

I am so lucky I live in central Amsterdam in a very busy shopping area,
 Besides my favorite brands I like to shop at local stores,knowing these items will be more exclusive and not something everyone is wearing!
It might not be easy for you to find these items online, but I still hope I can inspire you with my colormixing, stylechoices and outfit ideas.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend!

Much love Tamara Chloé.

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Spring floral with a touch of lavender

Hi all!

Spring weather has finally arrived int this country,meaning the weather was absolutely beautifull today.
Today I could see the first springflowers blooming,
so I felt like celebrating it with a fresh spring floral look!

Blazer and white top Zara,peplum skirt ,spiked bracelet, ring with stones and bag Ladyland,white bracelet and snakering Lucardi,necklace H&M,booties: Blink

How wonderfull it is: those first warm days in spring!!!
Here in Amsterdam everybody wakes up from a deep wintersleep when the sun is warming up!
We are all sitting outside the cafes and local restaurants drinking coffee and eating our lunches
Childeren play in the parks and you can feel this great buzz.

It is almost spring!

Finally the weather allows us to get rid of out winter coats,thick boots,scarfs and furry hats.
No more snow and freezing temps this year.
Like all of us I am sooo ready for summer wear.

I have been in love with the color lavender lately
How fresh does it look paired with this apple green blazer and some floral print?
I always like to mix classic and ultra feminine wear with something edgy.
That"s why I added the studded booties and the spiked bracelet for a trendy modern twist
I kept the jewellery simple because I really wanted to highlight the floral skirt and the sparkly lilac and pink rhinestone necklace from H&M.

Today I had so much fun shooting these pictures
With no photographers availalbe
The ones I usually work with are out of town bummer!
 My dad and son Lyon decided to take some pictures for this outfit
I was so surprised how well they did!
Lyon knew excactly what the right angles were,what looked good and what not!
He was the one instructing my dad what to do while shooting.
Believe me everything he said was just on point lol,
I was cracking up the whole shoot

So how about you,do you have your spring outfits ready?
What's your favorite color for spring?

Have a fabulous day and I will talk to you all again soon!

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé


TC Style Clues On Instagram

Hey all!

I have been obsessed with Instagram for months now!
So I thought it was about time to share some more private snaps of my life and the  little things I love
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1 Old post. blowing bubbles on a rubber band swing lol,It was soooo HOT that day!

2 Beautifull decor.

3 Me and my girl Rejhan from www.fashionbloggers.nl at the opening of Amsterdam fashionweek

4 I am crazy about my hairdresser Ido from Ido's cuttingcrew in Amsterdam .

1:My son Lyon walked in the door and handed me these pink tulips..how sweet huh?

2 Old post,I Still love these feather earhoops.

3 Me and my BFF Anna in Hollywood,I miss this girl so much!

4 This Mac make up I WOULD eat lol.

1 I should wear my hair more curly again,I always straighten it!

2 My cat Twinkle loves to read Vogue magazine lol

3 My favorite fragrance at this moment: Phenomenal by Supertrash

4My dad just build this shoecloset with built in mirror LOVE IT,thanks dad!

1:Green smoothie:1 banana,2 kiwis and 2 large celery sticks.

:I lóve this handjewel made by mizzies gems www.mizzieezz.com.

3:Obsessed by these Jimmy Choo metallic pumps..these are so on my wishlist!

4Can you tell I love round shapes?

I miss those beach days (old post)

2 Bon appetit...I allow myself french fries like once every 5 years lol..ok ok I am kidding

3 So cool, I was featured in the Pink Valentines day collection on Pose.com

4 I am obsessed with french singer Shy'm aka Tamara Marthe...this girl is always on repeat on my Iphone!


Have a FAB week everyone!!

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love Tamara Chloé