TC Style Clues On Instagram

Hey all!

I have been obsessed with Instagram for months now!
So I thought it was about time to share some more private snaps of my life and the  little things I love
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1 Old post. blowing bubbles on a rubber band swing lol,It was soooo HOT that day!

2 Beautifull decor.

3 Me and my girl Rejhan from at the opening of Amsterdam fashionweek

4 I am crazy about my hairdresser Ido from Ido's cuttingcrew in Amsterdam .

1:My son Lyon walked in the door and handed me these pink sweet huh?

2 Old post,I Still love these feather earhoops.

3 Me and my BFF Anna in Hollywood,I miss this girl so much!

4 This Mac make up I WOULD eat lol.

1 I should wear my hair more curly again,I always straighten it!

2 My cat Twinkle loves to read Vogue magazine lol

3 My favorite fragrance at this moment: Phenomenal by Supertrash

4My dad just build this shoecloset with built in mirror LOVE IT,thanks dad!

1:Green smoothie:1 banana,2 kiwis and 2 large celery sticks.

:I lóve this handjewel made by mizzies gems

3:Obsessed by these Jimmy Choo metallic pumps..these are so on my wishlist!

4Can you tell I love round shapes?

I miss those beach days (old post)

2 Bon appetit...I allow myself french fries like once every 5 years lol..ok ok I am kidding

3 So cool, I was featured in the Pink Valentines day collection on

4 I am obsessed with french singer Shy'm aka Tamara Marthe...this girl is always on repeat on my Iphone!


Have a FAB week everyone!!

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love Tamara Chloé