Apple Green Trench

Hey everyone!

The spring flowers are blooming and what better way to celebrate it with a fresh green trench coat.

Trenchcoat and peplum top(old) Zara,Skirt:Lelywood,Necklace:H&M (new collection),Bag:Lady store Amsterdam,Butterfly bracelet:Lucardi,Open toe boots:La Strada

I love mixing fresh colors
Especially greens and blues and nothing is more classic then a trench coat don't you think?

For some reason I have been crazy about pairing my outfits with something metallic.
I am so in love with this silver metallic  bag which I got for a bargain price in a local store.
I think this bag gives a certain sparkle to any outfit.

This Tuesday the 30th of April our new king Willem Alexander of Orange will be crowned king.
An event which will be very grand of course!
His mother Queen Beatrix of Orange has been queen for 33 years.

April 30th officially being Queens day (the queens birthday) has always been a huge celebration in this country.
 We all go out in the streets and enjoy open markets music,foods and everybody wears the color orange .
I have multiple orange colored stylish outfits ready with matching jewellery,shoes and bags lol
I will do a very special post on it and share this huge day with you guys.
So stay tuned because it will be fun!

I want to wish you all a fantastic upcoming weekend.

 Talk to you all again soon.

xoxo Tamara Chloé

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Lilac Jeans

Hey everyone

I think pastels are perfect for spring and lately I have been obsessed with these lilac skinny jeans.

It is such a fresh color and paired with metallics and some black and white stripes it gives the whole look a very trendy feel don't you think?

Lilac jeans: Circle of trust shop here,Silver metallic biker jacket Supertrash (sold out) shop for other options here ,Striped taut bag:Zara here,Necklace and heels H&M, Bracelets:Lucardi:here White blouse:Esprit,mirrored blue aviators sunglasses and ring:Primark,

I can't help to always add a little bit of sparkle to most of my outfits.
It could be in the jewellery I am wearing or something in the fabric I choose.

I picked these sparkly purple heels with this outfit
to deepen the soft lilac color of the jeans.
I love wearing one color and then wear a darker version of that color in the bag or shoes to accentuate it.

In the pictures the color turned out lighter then it real life.
They really are of a purple,dark fuchsia pinkish shade.
I never shop shoes at H&M,but I could not refuse these sparkly ones when I saw them on sale  a few months ago.
I have to say lately H&M has the coolest stuff.
A few years ago you could not caught me dead in that store.
I had a change of heart about a year ago lol.

LA born Dutch brand Supertrash is one of my favorite brands
Their clothes, bags and heels are always amazing and this metallic jacket is one of my favorite pieces.
I love metallics,but I think you have to be careful not to over do it and keep the rest of the fabrics simple and clean.

I have a very soft spot for Supertrash because a little over a year ago I won tickets to their very exclusive fashion show during fashion week and I felt so inspired, it was THE reason I started this fashion blog.

Lilac is definitely one of my favorite colors for spring.
what's you favorite color for this season?

Have a fab week everyone and lets talk fashion again soon.

xoxo Tamara Chloé

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Singing Bird

Hey everyone

Did you all know I have been  singing and writing songs for most of my life?
It is something I haven't shared on my blog  just yet,
but lately I have been working on a few projects so I thought I could share a few pictures of me in the studio.

I started singing when I was a young girl and started performing when I was sixteen in a band called D-Extended
At seventeen I signed my first record contract here in the Netherlands.
After that I collaborated on numerous singing projects either by myself or in a girls group .

At nineteen I moved to London and lived there for two years and after moving back to Amsterdam and I had my son, I moved to Los Angeles,where I worked as a dancer and kept on working on some more cool singing projects.
 When I moved back to The Netherlands I entered the Dutch televised X-factor competition where I ended up with the last eighteen contestants.
which was an amazing experience.

I have had my phases where I couldn't even sing!
Not inspired or when I was going through a rough period where I would be too sad.
But lately I have been writing again!

Like fashion, singing has been an amazing outlet for me.
I always like to dress up when I record and go into  the studio.
It makes me feel more like an artist
I am not the one to wear shabby clothes like a jogging suit and a pair of Uggs lol

I love my baseball caps and I got this one from
You can seriously get the cutest hats there.

From baseball caps to berets, beanies ect. ect.

Have you noticed the fun belt I am wearing?
It was thrifted and I love it so much because it is made out of tiny little belts in different colors lol
Of course I hád to get it.

I will post songs and a video once I finished this project hoping you guys will like it.

In the meantime I want to wish you all a fabulous week!

xo Tamara Chloé

 Baseball cap,belt and Bownecklace: Ladyland Amsterdam,shirt:H&M skirt:Small local boutique in Amsterdam

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