Singing Bird

Hey everyone

Did you all know I have been  singing and writing songs for most of my life?
It is something I haven't shared on my blog  just yet,
but lately I have been working on a few projects so I thought I could share a few pictures of me in the studio.

I started singing when I was a young girl and started performing when I was sixteen in a band called D-Extended
At seventeen I signed my first record contract here in the Netherlands.
After that I collaborated on numerous singing projects either by myself or in a girls group .

At nineteen I moved to London and lived there for two years and after moving back to Amsterdam and I had my son, I moved to Los Angeles,where I worked as a dancer and kept on working on some more cool singing projects.
 When I moved back to The Netherlands I entered the Dutch televised X-factor competition where I ended up with the last eighteen contestants.
which was an amazing experience.

I have had my phases where I couldn't even sing!
Not inspired or when I was going through a rough period where I would be too sad.
But lately I have been writing again!

Like fashion, singing has been an amazing outlet for me.
I always like to dress up when I record and go into  the studio.
It makes me feel more like an artist
I am not the one to wear shabby clothes like a jogging suit and a pair of Uggs lol

I love my baseball caps and I got this one from
You can seriously get the cutest hats there.

From baseball caps to berets, beanies ect. ect.

Have you noticed the fun belt I am wearing?
It was thrifted and I love it so much because it is made out of tiny little belts in different colors lol
Of course I hád to get it.

I will post songs and a video once I finished this project hoping you guys will like it.

In the meantime I want to wish you all a fabulous week!

xo Tamara Chloé

 Baseball cap,belt and Bownecklace: Ladyland Amsterdam,shirt:H&M skirt:Small local boutique in Amsterdam

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