Suspenders On Red

Hey everyone 

Okay suspenders are so back in style!
I think they add a certain "coolness" to any outfit! 
It will transform any plain ole shirt into something chic while adding a "naughty boyish" kind of "joie de vivre".
Excuse my french,  but maybe it's my beret talking!
Have I mentioned on this blog to you before? 
I am obsessed with anything French! 

A special thanks to Lebanese Restaurant: "Arist"
for letting me use their cute front patio to shoot today's outfit.
Lebanese food has been my favorite for years and this place serves the best authentic food.
So if you are in the area, make sure you try their amazing dishes because they sure are worth tasting!

Shirt with attached suspenders: Object at LadyLand, Pants: Zara, Heels: Sasha Not For Basics,or here:shop French beret and Necklace:Albert Cuyp Amsterdam, Gold bracelet:LadyLand

The fact that these suspenders are attached to this shirt makes it not only an amazing statement piece,but it is very practical as well!

It is so much easier to take them on and off unlike original suspenders.
The last time I wore suspenders, I was a little girl  and they were holding up my little jeans making sure they weren't sliding down to my ankles while playing outside lol

I have noticed "boyish" type of clothing are trending this year.
The boyfriend jeans,overalls and now suspenders?
 I am wondering if women want to be more comfortable after years of squeezing themselves in to skinny jeans and tight leggings.
I definitely love it and shows we can be sexy wearing comfortable clothing as long as we keep adding touches of  our own femininity and pair it well with like let's say a pair of heels, sparkling jewellery, fitted jackets and well tailored handbags.

When it comes to choosing my outfit, I always like to add a statement piece.
There has to be a interesting and "wow" factor to it,although I love simple and clean looks too, I am a sucker for extraordinary clothes.
I spotted this shirt and instantly bought it without even trying it on.
I was that much in love with it.
I can't wait to rock this shirt with cute shorts or a pretty skirt.

 Can you believe I've had these amazing red Zara pants for a year now and never even worn it?
I mean the tags were still on it lol
 I have tons of pieces I haven't worn yet.
Am I crazy?
If you look closely you can see it has a beautiful baroque print on them
I am so glad I pulled these pants out of my closet and I think I will wear them a lot in upcoming months!

How about you guys?
Do you own pieces stashed away in your closet and never even worn them yet and if so what are they and why?
I am just curious, so I don't feel like I am the only crazy person here;) 

Wishing you all a fabulous day and I cannot thank all of you enough for all the amazing feedback you give me on my posts!
It is much appreciated

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé 

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Bohemian Influenced

Hey everyone 

It's hot outside and I am completely enjoying myself wearing a bohemian chic inspired outfit.
Summery,  beachy, yet city like because of a fitted blazer and strappy heels, I think you can't go wrong making this look, a part of one of  your summer outfits.



Blazer:Vanilia shop here, lace top:Glitz and Glam, Bag: Supertrash Now on Sale here, Necklace: Costa fashion Find store here, Denim skirt:Dress for less (Los Angeles) Bonecuff bracelet and snakecuffbraclet: Supertrash, Hat Albert Cuyp Amsterdam, Strappy heels: sold out:Zara

I love mixing colors , most people wouldn't think of pairing!

Where I live people are scared of wearing too much color,which I think is a shame.
I try to think of color combinations that are interesting and I want to make sure the colors accentuate each other in a beautiful way instead of making you look like a clown!
I think it's important to find balance when mixing colors!
When I thought of wearing this amazing rusty orange/brown colored blazer I instantly knew it need some "oomph"" to it!
So I thought of pairing it with an statement necklace with a fuchsia pink stone and other earth tone colors to really bring those two colors together,

For the rest I finished the look with a delicate cream colored  tunic top for a clean and sweet feel and black strappy heels and bag for some boldness and statement!
To add the interesting and summery factor, I used a light poppy blue polish on my nails .
 The necklace is by far my favorite piece of jewellery at the moment.
I love it so  much,  I am even scared of wearing it too much and losing  a few beads here and there lol
I feel like a kid holding on to her favorite barbie.
I am gonna keep this short and sweet you guys , cause it's a gorgeous day outside, and I am gonna run outside like the wild woman I am and enjoyyyyyy!

Talk to you all again soon

 Much love and kisses to you all! 

Tamara Chloé

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Pearly Earcuff Love

Hey everyone

As you all know, I love statement pieces and this pearl ear cuff,  I grabbed from one of my favorite local vintage stores is definitely an eye catcher don't you think?

Dress: River Island, here, Studded Jacket: Zara (sold out), Bag Supertrash here, Earcuff and rings: vintage store Ladyland Amsterdam, Bangles and necklace : Lucardi, Sandals ( a gift bought somewhere in Italy)

I am so excited ear cuffs are back in style!

To me, they are sexy and edgy and add a certain "oooh lala'' to any outfit.
Í have seen quite a bunch of ear cuffs,  but to me, this pearly piece really stands out and looks romantic, yet modern at the same time!
I think I could have worn it with a more simple dress, let's say like a black or white one.
 I am sure I will wear this cuff with one soon, but somehow the combo of pairing the pearl drop with this tye dye maxi dress, reminded me of a summer's night on a palm tree island where women wear long dresses and stick a white flower behind their ear!
 You understand my thought behind it right, lol?

Have a fab day everyone!

I will talk to you all again soon 
 xoxo Tamara Chloé

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Cropped Metallic

Hey everyone

How cute are cropped tops?
So trendy this summer and back from the nineties.
I have a huge crush on this silver metallic version ;)
Paired with a highwaisted  pencilskirt and fitted jacket,it is far from anything too revealing and can be worn  to a let's say a fun party or a night out with the girls 
what do you guys think? 

Metallic cropped top:Berschka here,Skirt:Lelywood,Jacket Drole de copine,Hat:Albert Cuyp market Amsterdam,Bag Supertrash here ,heels:Sacha Not for basics,jewellery: Lucardi

I think these old nineteen fifties French  black Citroen's fit right into a movie scene!
When passing this on our way out.I felt like being in the middle of a "The godfather episode"
My hat sure fits the scenery right?

As you might have noticed my love for hats is huge.
Not only does it make a statement with almost anything you wear,it sure hides a bad hair day and nobody ever notices lol
I love making statements,either with colormixes. accessories or hard to find pieces nobody owns lol.

This metallic top is one of those statement pieces and can be worn with almost anything,shorts,skirts,maxiskirts,and almost any type of pants
Hey it is summer,so lets bare some skin while we can!!

I wish you all a wonderfull start of the week!!

Much love and kisses Tamara Chloé

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Color those bleached boyfriend jeans

Hey everyone! 

I am in love,and this time it's with my new bleached Levi's 501 boyfriend jeans!
I love the light bleached color and I think you can pair this perfectly  with soft pastels or funky neon's for that ultimate summer feeling.  

Jeans:Levi's 501 Kelly Fashion(local) Amsterdam,Bag and ring ladyland (local) Amsterdam,Jacket :Bella,blouse:Lui  Zacca,Heels Zara,Earrings:Pieces,bracelets:Lucardi

I added  pastels to really give this look a soft feel and added statement earrings with the same colors to really bring the colors together.

For some reason I have been into the color orange lately!
Ever since queens day my eye just goes to anything orange while shopping.
I am sorry if I am bombarding you guys with multiple outfits in this color,but it just feels like such a fresh change after all the darkness of winter,rain and cold days!

 The sun was out and we found this great spot near these breathtaking purple flowers and lots of green while cruising though the Amsterdam Vondelpark, where the light was just stunning and really reflecting the sunlight in a beautiful way!
Light is everything when it comes to photography and when I find a spot with good lighting I get as excited as a kid in a candy store lol.
Back to the BF jeans...I think it is such a great change to the skinny jeans, and paired with heels and a cute top or jacket,boyfriend jeans can look totally feminine.
For me boyfriend jeans are here to stay;)

Wishing you a fabulous day and I have multiple outfit posts lined up, so more coming soon:)

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé

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