Aztec Print And Gold Hearts

Hey everyone

As you all know, I am a huge fan of interesting statement pieces.
 I am proud to announce that I have partnered up with Quty Fashion and Sqarf  for today's post, both founded by the amazing fashionista, Querine Van Wijk.

Quty Fashion offers the most adorable fashion and trendy pieces, like bags, jewelery and women's fashion, while Sqarf is specialized in the prettiest — as the name suggests scarves!

Whenever the weather gets as searing hot as it is now, I often do feel the need to elude the sun's harsh rays and cover up my head. 
Besides, how cute does a tied up headscarf look with a pair of your favourite shorts!
I just love the Aztec print!
Could this outfit scream anything then SUMMER?

Check out Querine's fun and colorful scarf collection right here and find a pair of aztec printed shorts in different colors right:here

Shorts: Quty Fashion, Headscarf: Sqarf, Blouse: Lui Zacco, Strapped heels and Nude tanktop: Zara here, Rings H&M, Bracelet :LadyLand

Keep shining everyone and talk to you all again soon!

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MAC Make Up Haul

Hey Everyone

Nearly nothing beats going to a M.A.C counter and knowing you are gonna go crazy and buy a whooooooole lot of stuff!

I don't believe in shrinks when it comes to having a bad day.
Shopping therapy at the  M.A.C  store is my remedy.
I have used M.A.C. before,  just a lip pencil or their famous lip glass here and there, but nothing too much.
Last Wednesday we went to the nearby fun town of Utrecht for some shopping and great foods.
We had a perfect day.

I have totally been skimping on a good foundation  and skincare for months now.

This bad behavior was leaving my skin dry and in bad shape. 
I thought it would be a great idea to buy two different foundations!

 Why not splurge a little huh?
 I told the lady at the counter I was looking for a dewy, medium coverage foundation and she immediately came out with one of MAC's new bestsellers: The MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation in the color NC 37.

It is filled with vitamin E and moisturizers,  a 77 mineral complex, and sheabutter.
When she applied it on my skin, I felt like a new person.
It looked absolutely gorgeous.
The color was absolutely perfect and it gave my skin a gorgeous sheen and  glow like I had been in the sun all day because of the light reflecting properties.
This foundation is best suited for dry, normal and combination skin.
My skin is normal to combination but very dehydrated, so I thought this would be a great choice.

I have been told this foundation is not very suitable for oily skin types, because the texture is fairly runny when you apply it to your hand.
 The shine and glow can make your skin appear even more oily.
 It would be possible to wear this on oily skin but you have to make sure to prep your skin with a primer.
This foundation has a pretty good medium coverage and evens out your skin tone beautifully.

I will post pictures and my review on this  amazing foundation in another blog post,
but believe me the reviews have been really good and they are accurate!
This foundation is stunning!

It's also nice that this foundation has an SPF 15, making it a great daytime foundation as it will protect your skin from the sun.
When it is extremely warm and humid, this foundation does tend to "melt" slightly; so I think this would be a perfect fall and winter foundation when the air is really dry.

The second foundation I purchased was the: Face and Body foundation in the color c3

Make up artists love to use this foundation for photo shoots.
  I thought it would be great to use this product for my outfit posts.
This foundation is water based and has a lighter coverage then the Mineralize Moisture Foundation, but it evens out skin tone beautifully.

Once it has set after applying, this foundation will stay put on your face all day and it won't require any touch ups.
It really melds into your skin.
The texture is also thin but creamy when applied to your hand and it gives a beautiful satin finish on the skin, which I am absolutely in love with.

Next I chose:
1: Mineralize Foundation Loose Powder in the color "Medium plus" (at the top)

2:  Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in the color "medium deep" for contouring my face (on the right)

3:  Sheertone Blush called "peaches"

4: Highligher for highlighting cheekbones called Mineralize Skinfinish in the color: "soft and gentle".

From left to right:

A prep you apply after you've applied foundation and before your powder for an ultra smooth finish!

2: Prep + Prime Highlighter concealer (works a a concealer and highlighter)

3: Matte Creme Matfiante  (a prep to keep your skin matte, especially great for oily or acne prone skins and perfect to wear on hot humid days)
I picked it up for hot and sunny days when the face tends to get sweaty.

Left: Powder brush: nr 130

 Right: a stippling brush for foundation and contouring: nr 150


How beautiful are the colors of this lipstick and lip pencil?

I am absolutely obsessed with this pair!   
The lipstick is my new favorite and it tastes like sweet cinnamon, yummmmy!
The name of this lipstick is: Fan fare
 The matching lip pencil is the color: Soar 

I usually don't buy so many products at once, especially not make up, but after using it for two days I realise it was so worth it!
amazing quality which will go a long way!

I have always been a Dior and Bobbi brown kind of girl and lately I was just using L´oréal and Maybeline products which are actually decent as well, but change is good!
I have had a beauty change of heart and I will admit that I am slowly developing a new found obsession for MAC.
Can a girl feel more brand new?

What about you guys?
What is your favorite make up brand at this moment?

I wish you all a fabulous day and new outfit posts are coming up soon!

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé

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Denim Romper

Hey everyone!

The weather has been blazing hot!
So it's time for one of my favorite items at the moment
The denim romper!

Denim romper:IL Dolce, Bag:River Island, Heels and Tank:Zara,Jewellery:LadyLand, Aviators:Kijkshop

I love the easiness of rompers

You just put them on, grab a pair of heels or cute flats, accessorize and go!
This is one of the reasons I love the warm weather so much and why I miss my beloved Los Angeles.
You just put on a one-piece item and your done!
Don't get my wrong, I love layering too, but nothing beats the comfort of being ready after ten minutes and run outside and enjoy the sun.

I decided to add a classic touch to the trendy denim romper and mirrored aviators by pairing it with classy strings of white pearls.
I love mixing trends with classic pieces.
Pearls just scream: Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.
Fashion icons I am complete crazy about.
I am gonna have to say that this color blocking River Island bag is my favorite at the moment!
The gorgeous fresh colors and classic style just exude "preppy chic".
My style in shifting and growing constantly and lately I have been loving preppy styles.
It is so chic and and timeless.
I think I will add more of  preppiness in my future outfit posts.
Although I have to say,I don't have any particular style when it comes to fashion.
 One day it's trendy and bold,the next day it's feminine and soft.
Don't you just love that about fashion?
Being able to change yourself constantly?

I wish you all a fabulous day and make sure you enjoy the sunshine!

Love Tamara Chloé.

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AFW Kids Just Love Fashion Show

Hey everyone

Last week I attended an amazing and fun event: The Kids Just Love Fashion show.

Let's not just talk about adult fashion here all the time, lets talk kids fashion!
For all you mommies out there definitely something I should be blogging about more often.

The idea behind "Kids Just Love Fashion" is to make sure children's fashion get the place and attention it deserves!
A place in the spotlight and part of Amsterdam Fashion week.

This edition, kidspartyplanner: Rachel Pietersma and Omar Regoort decided to organize their own fashion event without the help of fashion week and made sure it was filled with brands like Armani, Guess, Fendi, Cavali, Timberland , Airforce, Silvian Heach and Mybrand just to name a few.
 I was so stunned at how professional the beautiful young models were strutting their stuff down the runway, killing me with their cuteness.

Held at the prestigious Amsterdam Harbour Club, it was the perfect way to mix fashion and catching up on a tan while sipping champagne at the beautiful lounge area near the water.
I had an amazing afternoon.

Rachel Pietersma is thé kids partyplanner you are looking for if you are ever in need for a partyplanner for your kids birthday events or kidscorners.
If you are in The Netherlands check her wonderfull kidsfestive website right here:

 The Show

I was very impressed with the Armani Junior collection,  showcasing vibrant colours with a mixture of trendy street and preppy boys wear.

 "Kids Just Love Fashion" founder Rachel Pietersma beautiful daughter looked stunning in a hot pink YSL shirt and casual blue jeans!
My eye just went straight to her lilac colored Icewatch.
Loved it!

Dutch rapper Yes-R's  cute little son on the right was so shy, he held his hand right before his eyes through out his entire walk down the runway!
I wanted to hug him he was so cute!
His fellow model on the left looked trendy and casual in blue jeans, green sneakers and the coolest tiger print Givenchy shirt.

How cute is this models hair braid paired with Silvian Heach casual street wear?
This girl walked like a pro, yet, she looked so shy and innocent.

I just loved all the clothes and accessories by Silvian Heach.
Stunning pastel tones for the girls and bold colors for the boys!
This brands collection was one of  my favorites.

This cutie wore a mint colored YSL shirt paired with a dainty white flower crown and polka dot jeans, while she was pulling a hot pink Trunki suitcase.
This little model just stole my heart!

 Pop up stores filled with the cutest kids wear, accessories, shoes, candy, yummy cupcakes and colorful macaroons.
I am still drooling thinking  about the strawberry fields cupcakes they were handing out from
I am not sponsored by this, but do check out their website if you ever want to organize a tea or cupcake party and need sweets and cakes catered to your home.

Dress:Zara, Hat Albert Cuyp Amsterdam, Strappy heels: Zara SS12, Bag: Supertrash, Rings: H&M

I decided to wear something kids appropriate!

I chose a flowy, lace black dress and paired it with one of my favorite Zara heels from last summers collection.
 I know they have been worn a lot by me and lots of other stylebloggers, but to me these strappy numbers are the ultimate chic and the color orange has been one of my favorites this season.
These heels are not going anywhere than right on my feet this summer lol.

I have always been crazy about hats and they sure make any plain looking outfit look spectacular.
If you've been reading my blog on a regular basis,you should know I hardly wear anything without color.
This outfit is mostly black so I chose to spice it up with a hat and a bold armparty.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far.

Talk to you all again soon with more outfit posts my lovelies.

xoxo kisses Tamara Chloé 

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Mellow Yellow At The Beach

Hey everyone

It's summer time and what better way to spend it at the beach!
Last Sunday we went for sunbathing, good foods,shopping and some ocean splashing.
For some reason I always feel the color yellow is the perfect color to wear when visiting the seashore!

Dress:Moon Boutique Amsterdam, Sandals Zara SS12, Necklace: Costa Fashion Albert Cuyp Amsterdam

For some reason I love the asymmetrical dress.

I know asymmetric skirts and dresses are so 2012,but for me they are comfortable,classy and elegant for any occasion.
 The beach is definitely one of those perfect occasions and to me the asymmetrical dress has become a timeless piece.
Pair them with some trendy 2013 accessories and they are still good to go I think.
I think we should always wear something we feel comfortable and beautiful in and not always follow the trends.
How ever styling "timeless" pieces and mixing it with trendy items is always something I do to make the look appear modern and fresh.

For a day of relaxation,we love to go to one of our favorite beach clubs:"far Out" at Zandvoort beach.
They serve the best tapas foods, play great music and the lounge seats are so comfortable, making it totally possible to lay out and soak up the sun.

 I love my blue mirrored aviators and I have been wearing them since February while it was still freezing out here.
The thing is: I am spotting way too many people wearing them, so I guess I am looking for new styles of sunnies lol.

Do you get that too?
Whenever too many people start wearing a particular new trend, you lose interest in it, feeling it is not so cool anymore?
I mean a few days ago I saw a whole family wearing a pair of mirrored sunnies,including mom,grand mom and kids.
I was like okay...time to move on with it lol.

Bummer,... I love them so much!

Take care everyone and a new post is coming up soon.
I got some great new things coming up!!

Kisses and much love.

Tamara Chloé

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