Burgundy Military

Hey everyone!

 Oh yes!
Burgundy is back on the blog!
I am slowly making my transition into fall.
  What better way to add this warm color to today's outfit and get used to the change of season.
The weather has been truly amazing with warm temperatures, so I am definitely going to enjoy it as much as I can before it's all over.
Tomorrow I am going  for some sun soaking and water dipping in the south of The Netherlands.
So a bathing suit post will be up in a few days.
Yay summer is still here!


Shorts: Forever 21 (old),  Jacket: Roxy Amsterdam, Hat, rings and shirt: H&M, Bag: Supertrash:here, Espadrilles sandals: Geox: here.

Shop the look:

I found this military jacket a few days ago on one of my regular shopping trips downtown.

I went for a quick visit to H&M,  determined to get the fisherman's cap I am wearing in this post.
  Searching high and low I had been trying to find one with no luck.
I first spotted similar hats in the Mango fall collection last year and never got one.
Can you imagine how excited I was to find out H&M just released my new obsession in their new fall collection?
For example: these hats would look amazing on a chic trench coat or a classy sleek dress with some knee high boots or what about pairing it with a cute skirt and a denim jacket?

Yes I am allready dreaming away thinking of cool ouitfits I can pair this with. 
Basically you can wear these hats with almost anything,  because they are such  classic pieces.
I think this is so perfect for fall and I know I will wear this hat a lot especially on colder and rainy days.

This burgundy military blazer completes the uniform inspired look and I think it looks kind of "casual supermodel chic"
I fell in love with the color,shape and silver statement buttons immediately.
As you all know, I love wearing pieces that are different and I am definitely a fan of "one-of-a kind" items.
Yet, I always like to add trendy accessories to make the look appear modern and fresh.

How about you?
Any new favorite fall items?

Enjoy the beautiful weather everyone!

xoxo Tamara Chloé

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Pre-Fall Favorites

Hi Everyone

As much as I don't want to.
When it comes to my wardrobe, I am already getting prepared for fall.
The only way to cheer me up  -because I am soooo not looking forward to dark and cold days-  is getting inspired by the newest trends and start shopping for what's to come.

I am so excited about the new trends, I am actually looking forward to the fall season, because I have spotted some incredible styles.
I can't wait to dress up and start layering again.
Don't get me wrong, for now I am still enjoying the beautiful sunny weather out here in Amsterdam.
I hope you are too before it is too late lol! 

Here a few cravings, which ones are your favorites?


xo Tamara Chloé

Crazy For Crochet

Hey everyone!

I am absolutely crazy about this fun denim skirt I bought two days ago!
Definitely one of those finds that are going to be worn a lot, especially with the fall season coming up.
The skirt will also be perfect with some knee high boots, another item that definitely will be trending this upcoming season.
Don't get rid of anything leopard you bought last winter because once again this classic print is here to stay during the colder season
Don't you just love it?

Skirt: River Island and belt (at LadyLand), Crochet top: LadyStore Amsterdam, Bag: River Island, Heels: Zara.

Shop similar cropped crochet tops.

I think crochet looks great with anything edgy.

Crochet is so pretty, delicate and feminine, so that's the reason I wanted to pair this cream colored number with something bold and sexy.
This skirt with front slit is perfect for it.
The cut of the skirt is so sexy and yes like I mentioned before: "edgy".
I added this very detailed black and silver belt to edgify the look even more.
To finnish of the look, I am wearing a minimum of gold jewellery to keep the rest of it very simple.
As you can see I do mix silver and gold in an outfit a lot, because it always adds more depth I think.

When it comes to styling an outfit I always like to balance things out.
You might wonder what I mean by that.
Well, when let's say a skirt is really sweet and girlie, I like to balance it out by pairing it with items that are the complete opposite.
For example I will add some edgy heels or a ripped denim shirt.

When I am in the mood for a classic cut dress, I like to  pair it with uber trendy statement jewellery or I will add a bold looking heel.
I think this makes an outfit interesting, fresh and yet makes everything appear very modern.

I will do a post on this subject very soon to give you guys an idea of what comes to  mind when I style an outfit.
Hopefully you can use these tips too.

I want to wish you all a fabulous day and upcoming weekend and let's talk again soon!

xoxo Tamara Chloé 

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Aztec Print And Blazer Preppy

Hey everyone!

Who says comfortable can´t be chic and classy?
In my last post I was talking about adding a little more comfort to my wardrobe.
Of course I would never want to skimp on dressing chic and stylish,.
So I found a way on how to pair these uber comfy aztec linen pants with a structured blazer and white blouse.
 You could get a idea on how to look "office appropriate" while still feeling you are comfortable to get through a long day without losing that "dressy" look. 
Play with colors and it actually looks fun too!
Now isn't that a great bonus? 

Red Zara blazer,aztec print pants,Supertrash bracelet,summer outfit

Red Zara blazer,aztec print pants,Supertrash bracelet,summer outfit

Red Zara blazer,aztec print pants,Supertrash bracelet,summer outfit

Red Zara blazer,aztec print pants,Supertrash bracelet,summer outfit

Red Zara blazer,aztec print pants,Supertrash bracelet,summer outfit

Red Zara blazer,aztec print pants,Supertrash bracelet,summer outfit

Red Zara blazer,aztec print pants,Supertrash bracelet,summer outfit

Red Zara blazer,aztec print pants,Supertrash bracelet,summer outfit

Blazer: (ooooold) and heels: Zara: here, Bag and white shirt: H&M, Aztec pants: Lady Store Amsterdam, Gold arm cuff: Supertrash, Watch Casio.

Keeping it short and sweet you guys
Enjoy a wonderful day

xoxo Tamara Chloé 

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Black Turban Chic

H&M gladiator sandals,summer outfit,Jacky Luxury dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,black turban,trendy

Hey everyone

I feel like my style is constantly shifting.
Last year, all I could wear were peplum skirts and tight dresses.
This summer I am opting for more flowy type clothing.
It has been a warm summer over here and besides just wanting to wear clothes that look great, I have definitively been more drawn to comfort lately.

That's what this tunic dress is all about.
It is absolutely beautifully detailed with trimmed lace and the color is one of my favorite and I think suits every skin tone.
The most important thing is: It is so comfortable!

For the second time I am wearing a beautiful piece from the MyCa Couture collection.
This fun and classy turban, instantly adds a certain chic and glamour to any outfit.
It is so different from any kind of regular hat and I love trying something new and different, as I am always looking to update my style with new pieces. 

If you feel like discovering -"one of a kind" sparkling accessories, then make sure you check some of Myca Couture's beautiful jewellery pieces right here

H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Black turban,summer outfit,coral dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy

H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy,summer outfit,coral dress

H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy,summeroutfit,black turban,coral dress

H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,summer outfit,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,Black turban,trendy

H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy,summeroutfit,coral dress,black turban

H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Black turban,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,Trendy,Summer outfit,Coral dress

H&M gladiator sandals,Jacky Luxury dress,Yellow mirrored sunglasses,trendy,summer outfit,black turban, /></a></div>
<br />
<div style= Turban: MyCa Couture: shop here, Dress: Jacky Luxury: (sold out) Shoes: H&M: here, Yellow mirrored sunnies: Primark, Rings: H&M, Bracelet: Ladyland, Bag: Lady Store Amsterdam.

Okay, I think I have worn a pair of flats on my blog only once lol.
I should wear them more often and I will!
Especially when I was just talking about a little more comfort.
I have found the cutest gladiator flats at H&M last week.
They come with a slight heel so they still give you a little bit of height,  but looks like a flat.
They are so comfortable and look great with almost anything!
These flats are from the brand new collection.
So if you are looking for a special type of flat sandal, this is the one I think.

I am keeping it short and sweet you guys.

I want to wish you all a fabulous rest of the week!

xoxo Tamara Chloé 

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Color Overload with MyCa Couture

Hey everyone!

For today's post I am proud to have teamed up with MyCa Couture.
MyCa Couture is a Miami based jewellery designer.
I am absolutely in love with their pieces.
Their jewellery is all handcrafted and so fun, feminine and trendy.
We all know this combination is always a winner!

 To add a fun touch to my dress, I decided to wear this edgy skull necklace on my back .
It covers a little of all the bare skin I am showing and instantly transforms this necklace into a huge statement don't you think?
I love the skull detail and the bright yellow color.
This necklace  with trendy tassels is also perfect to wear to the beach with a low cut bathing suit or colorful bikini.
Make sure you check out MyCa Couture's designs at their Etsy store right: here


Skull Necklace: MyCa Couture shop here, Maxi Dress and gold cuff: Supertrash, Sold out, heels: Zara here, Blue ring: Primark.

Colors, colors,colors!

If you've read my blog on a regular basis,  you should know I am a huge color fanatic!
Definitely the reason this colorful maxi dress is totally suited for me.
 Bright, gorgeous,with a beautiful flow and exquisite cut,  I spotted this dress for the first time when I went to the Supertrash fashion show during fashion week last year.

I knew then and there I wanted this dress like no other.

It actually took me a while to buy it and when I did want to get it, they were sold out.
I got so incredibly lucky to have found one last piece at the Supertrash sample sale two months ago.
I almost ripped if off a poor girl, who was trying the dress on.
I think I have to admit I am one of those horrible women who literally snatch items out of other innocent shoppers hands.

Ladies forgive me, but it's all in the name of fashion.
I know,I know,  it's a poor excuse!

I chose not to wear a bag or clutch, because this dress needs nothing else then beautiful  jewellery and a pair of high heels.
In my opinion, when a dress makes such a huge statement like this one,  it's best to keep things very simple and clean.

I am wishing you all a fabulous weekend and please make sure you check out MyCa Couture before you head out right HERE

xoxo much love Tamara Chloé

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