Goodbye Summer With A Two Piece Floral

September 25, 2013

DSC_1131 supertrsh dress, H&M over the knee boots resize

Hey everyone

This will probably be my last summer look this year!
  last Monday it was such a warm and beautiful day.
I decided to say goodbye to summer with this gorgeous floral "Jacky O" inspired two piece floral suit.

Paired with one of fall's biggest trends: the "over the knee" boots  from the H&M Paris Show Collection.
It does make for the perfect transition don't you think?

DSC_1294 resized Dahlia dress supertrash

DSC_1401 supertrash Dahlia dress,H&M over the knee paris collection boots

DSC_1275 final final supertrash dahlia dress3


DSC_1340 Supertrash Dahlia dress resized3

DSC_1359 supertrash  Dahlia dress 2 resized

DSC_1612 supertrash dalia dress resize2

DSC_1466 resized dahlia dress supertrash final

Two piece floral suit: Supertrash Jacket: here, Dress (sold out) but still available here Boots: H&M Paris Show Collection, Rings: H&M

Shop the jacket:

Have you noticed my bangs?
No,  I didn't do anything drastic and didn't cut bangs lol
I used clip in bangs for this "Jacky O" inspired look.
As you may have noticed I have been trying some different hairstyles lately and these bangs totally suit this outfit don't you think?

I bought this gorgeous floral two piece suit months ago,  but I never got around to wearing it.
Like a lot of my poor clothes, it was still hanging in my closet with the tags still on them.

 I had always imagined wearing it with a pair of white strappy heels for summer.
Until my mom came up with the idea to wear this suit with my new suede "over the knee" H&M Paris collection boots.
 Such a brilliant idea right?

I had my eye on these boots weeks before they came out and when they did hit the stores  they were all sold out online in one day!!
I couldn't believe it!
I was mad.
Then I went in to town and searched at every H&M I could find with no luck.
Luckily I found just one perfect new pair at Marktplaats (Dutch eBay).
I was determined they were going to be mine and mine only.
So of course it was no surprise there were others desperately bidding for the same pair.

What were they all  thinking?
These boots needed to be in my life and my blog,
 This gorgeous brown pair had my name all over them.
So I emailed the owner with an offer and she immediately kept raising the price lol.
Of course I didn't blame her, these boots had been selling like hot cakes.
I got lucky, the lovely owner sold them to me.
I felt like kissing her I was so happy.

These boots are seriously my new best friends.
Definitely one of those items I will wear a lot this fall.
What can I say,  they are so easy to pair with almost anything from skirts, dresses to leggings and skinny jeans.

How about you?
Have you done anything to officially say goodbye to summer?

I want to wish you all an amazing rest of the week.

With love Tamara Chloé

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Black Leather Full Midi with sQarf

September 21, 2013

Hi Everyone

I am so excited to announce, I have once again collaborated with my favorite online scarf store called -as the name suggests it- sQarf

  sQarf is part of Quty fashion who knows about the latest trends.
 The colorful leopard printed scarf I am wearing today is a true example of their amazing eye for fashion must haves!
Leopard is full on trending again this fall,  but now even more in colorful versions.
Do try a red or blue leopard print for a fun and trendy twist on this "must have" this new season.

Make sure you check out sQarfs online store for the most beautiful scarves right here and the coolest thing is: my face is on the website.
I am so excited as you can imagine!

DSC_0157 resize

DSC_0130 midi leather skirt, zebra heels resized

DSC_0450 leather midi skirt, zebra heels resized

DSC_0613 resize


DSC_0094 Final black full midi skirt, zebra heels


Scarf: sQarf here, Skirt: Chtes at LadyLand Amsterdam, Blouse: Primark, Rings: H&M and LadyLand, Heels: Sergio Todzi

Shop the look:

Dealing with cooler temperatures definitely has it's advantages!
One of those is the fact that once again I will be able to wear all the leather I can possibly get my hands on.

Besides "scarfing" up I am totally covering myself in lots of leather this season.
How gorgeous is this leather full midi skirt with "oh yeah"pockets?
This new baby is so easy to pair with almost anything and will be just enough to keep me warm while still keeping it classy.
Definitely one of the most important things I look for when adding new favorites to my closet.

Needless to say, I am in love!
This skirt will be back on the blog
You have been warned.

Enjoy a fabulous weekend everyone!

With love Tamara Chloé

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Fall's Favorite: Over-The-Knee" Boots

September 16, 2013

Hey everyone

Meet this fall's hottest new trend; the over-the-knee boots! First spotted at Balmain and Philip Lim's runways and even picked up by H&M in their Paris Show Collection  (boots all sold out).This is one of the trends I am really excited about.  Fall came early over here, all gladly accompanied by huge amounts of rain and much cooler temps. Great,... just what we need! I needed an instant mood lifter, so I chose for a fresh change in my  fall wardrobe. 
Check out my newest obsession! 

Boots: Unisa here or I like this similar pair too here Skirt: Daphnea, Cardigan: Mes fashion, Belt: (thrifted) at Ladyland Amsterdam, Shirt: H&M divided, Snake ring: H&M.

Shop similar OTK boots:

If you are a regular reader of this blog. You may know, I love color, print and texture mixing. Black and white combinations are always trending and such a classic, you can never ever go wrong with them! When you choose a small print like the skirt I am wearing you can easily mix it with a bolder pattern like I did by adding a warm fuzzy cardigan, blazer or jacket. If you want to add even more "oomph" you can finish it off with a fun embellished belt. It is all about trying new things and make sure you balance out the look by wearing let's say a classic white shirt. The white will instantly tone it all down, while still adding that " basic feel" to it. The outfit will look timeless,  yet very trendy because print mixing has been a definite "do" for a while now.

When I choose an outfit I always and really always try to mix these elements:

1: Trendy (modern) vs timeless.
2: Classic feminine vs edgy.

So if you would love to wear an item that is not so in style anymore. No worries! Try mixing it with something uber trendy and everyone will think you are the coolest chick on the block by bringing it back.

How about you? Are you as excited as I am "over the knee" boots are back in style? Are they a yay or nay for you this fall and winter?

Thanks for stopping by.

With love Tamara Chloé

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 This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission off of any item purchased.

From Day Into Night With A Shirt Dress.

Hey everyone.

How gorgeous is this brick red/burgundy shirt dress?
I got it from a great online store called: Not So Basic
A Portuguese brand that loves to create women's fashion appropriate for day and night.
Their materials are rich and luxurious, yet come with an amazing affordable price tag.

The material of this dress is really thick and heavy, yet sleek and ultra soft, with a beautiful lining.
Not So Basic are proud of the fact their clothes are made of beautiful and high quality fabrics.
They are all manufactured and designed in Portugal.
I was very surprised when I opened the box when it arrived a few weeks ago.
 It was great to find out the quality of this dress is impeccable and is so extremely comfortable to wear
A combination that is always a winner with me.
The color is absolutely perfect for this fall season coming up.

 I want to show you how you can easily transform a daytime look in to a night time one.
 The fun thing was because of the classic and simple design, I was able to completely style this dress in any way I wanted.

For a corporate daytime look 

 I chose a lace blazer and cute studded bow heels for some classic chic.
I added a black croco print leather bag which easily carries all work related items you might need through out the day plus the accessories you need for your night out after work .

I kept jewellery and make up to a minimum and rocked a braided hairstyle to make the outfit appear trendy and fresh.
I could have gone with a tight hair bun too, but I wanted to make sure it could be easily transformed into a night time hair style.

I chose to wear the same gold plated belt for both day and night time.
I think you want to keep your night time accessory changes to a minimum, so you don't have to carry huge amounts of stuff to work.

For a night time look:

Which possibly means heading straight to a fun restaurant or heck a wild bar after work.
You can just take out your hair braid, then flat iron your hair to fix unwanted kinks from braiding it in the morning and walking around with it all day.

Sweep on some red lip gloss, add statement earrings and a dazzling clutch.
Change the heels and you are good to go for a night out.
in ten minutes


Statement earrings add so much drama to an outfit, you don't even need to go heavy on the eye make up.
Saving you lots of time when getting ready.

I was wearing: Dress: Not So Basic here

Daytime look:Blazer: Zara, Heels: Sacha Not for Basics, Belt H&M, Watch: Casio, Bag:

Night time look: Carol Bag: Supertrash (sold out) but still available here and Statement Earrings: Supertrash here, heels: Zara, Snake ring: H&M,

Which look is your favorite?
Day or night time?

Just curious!

 Have a fabulous day everyone!

xox Tamara Chloé

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Camouflage Crush

Hey everyone.

I am still enjoying the wonderful weather especially knowing next week will be so different with lots of rain and lower temperatures.
This is definitely the reason why I have been wearing as many skirts as I can possibly pull out of my closet before I have to cover my legs for fall and winter.
The fact they won't be seeing daylight for another six months is hanging over my head like a thick dark cloud.
 I so do not want to say goodbye to summer. 

I have been making a slow fall transition by wearing some favorite fall colors. The color army green will definitely be one of them. 

Skirt: Carhartt, Top: Ladystore Amsterdam, Blue shirt: America today, Bag,rings and hat: H&M, Watch: Casio, Bracelet: Supertrash, Booties: La Strada.

Get the look:

Besides color mixing, print mixing is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to creating an outfit.
I love finding combinations, I never really thought possible and make them work!

That's what happened with today's outfit.
I think camo print works so well with the checkered print of the blue shirt around the waist.
They are both classic prints so that's what I love about them.
This shirt "around the waist" is a hot fall trend that just keeps popping up all over the place, 

I actually added the shirt while we were shooting these pictures yesterday.
My skirt kept sliding down so I grabbed my photographers shirt he carried in his bag and tied it around my waist.
Such a coincidence the print is totally back in style and "tying a shirt around the waist" right there with it.
 The cool thing is: mixing the two prints totally worked.
 Instantly making the outfit appear more interesting don't you think?

Enjoy a fabulous Sunday everyone!

xoxo Tamara Chloé 

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