Fluffy Feel

November 27, 2013

DSC_0044 Grey sweater resized 2

Hey everyone

One of the things I love most about fall and winter is the fact I get to bundle up in cozy sweaters . I have been practically living in this grey fluffy number for the past week, wearing it over and over again with different outfits!
For this post I paired it with over the knee boots and a edgy leather black baseball cap for that ultra trendy fall look.

DSC_0370 grey sweater resize


DSC_0599 grey sweater resized

DSC_0155 grey sweater resized


DSC_0357 grey sweater resized


DSC_0629 grey sweater resized

DSC_0364 grey sweater resized


DSC_0666 grey sweater resized 2

Sweater: H&M here, Boots: Unisa here, Cap here and Necklace here: Zara, Backpack: Pomikaki here.

Get the look:

I am so excited Christmas is near!
I am already starting to make changes to my home with small decorations
I have been wanting to put up a tree for three weeks now,  that's how excited I have been for it, Only a few days left and it's December and I will go all out with sparkly lights and ornaments and yes a HUGE  fresh green tree! I am like a kid when it comes to Christmas, If you have read my "about me"section here, you must know I love anything magical and Christmas is definitely one of those magical things in life. The delicious foods, the glitter and lights. In a few days I will post  Christmas decorating and outfit inspiration boards I have been preparing for you guys. I am so curious what you all will be preparing for this years festivities. I am sure it will be fabulous!

The holidays makes me feel thankful I live in a place where we have so many luxuries and it never makes me forget there are so many people in the world who suffer, who are hungry or sick or have no family, let's think the Philippines for example.
Let's never forget and be grateful for what we have! 

I wish you all a spectacular rest of the week and to all my American friends a beautiful and loving Thanksgiving day.

With love Tamara Chloé

I love this amazing song: Euphoria by Loreen

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Red And Leopard

November 19, 2013

DSC_9464 Red jacket and a leopard dress Resized

Hey everyone

Sometimes us ladies want to go "diva" and that's what I felt like doing for this post.
Red lips, big wavy hair and a leopard printed dress. Perfect for a night out with the girls or a hot date with the hubby.  
What do you guys think?

DSC_9610 resize2

DSC_9471 real resize 2

Collage red jacket


DSC_9585 resize




Dress: LadyStore Amsterdam, Jacket: Toxic, Heels: Mango, Rings: H&M, Clip in extensions: Luxury For Princess: here, Hair styled by Ido's Cuttingcrew.

Get the look:

Although I am a fierce lover of edgy, modern and classy styles, sometimes I really love to look glamorous and ultra feminine.

Red and leopard print  is a very tricky combination and we have to be careful not to end up looking trashy. This is the reason why I chose for a mid length dress to keep the total look classy.
I paired the outfit with tartan printed heels for a modern and trendy twist. How do you guys like my big wavy hair? I used to wear it like this all the time, when I lived in Los Angeles and lately I have been keeping my hair mostly straight, so big bouncy waves are such a fun change!

I already mentioned it on Instagram, but although I have long hair myself, I once again added some clip-in extensions from Luxury For Princess to create a hairstyle that looks even more voluminous and dramatic.
Check out the website here if you are eager to create the look!  The cool thing is:  I have a great surprise for you. You can use exclusive code: "tamarachloe"" for a discount on your purchase! Great with the holidays coming up right?
Talking about the holidays, am I the only one who's already  looking for the ultimate Christmas dress? I can't seem to make a decision on the color. Will it be black, red, pink, blue or metallic, I can't seem to make up my mind.

 So how about you? 
Any great dresses in mind for the holidays coming up?

I want to wish you all a fantastic day and thanks for reading.

With love Tamara Chloé


Sexy hair and red lips need sexy music, I looooove this song by No Doubt!
Gwen Stefani is killing it with her fierce and edgy style!

No Doubt: Hella Good 


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Wear A Scarf Like A Top

November 14, 2013

DSC_9256 striped zebra scarf

Hey everyone

Do you think white is not appropriate for fall!
I think It can be!
Especially if you pair it with black and white items like I did with this zebra printed scarf!


DSC_9091 zebra scarf resized


DSC_9261 zebra scarf resized

DSC_9277 resize


DSC_9103 zebra scarf resize

DSC_9250 zebra printed scarf resize

DSC_9291 zebra printed scarf resized


Scarf: Sqarf: here or I love this onehere, White skinnies and Pink Heels: Zara, Turtle neck sweater: Mango (old)  Bag: Supertrash, Hat and Rings: H&M, Clip in extensions: Luxury for Princess: here

As you all know I am a huge fan of scarves and all the different things you can do with them in terms of styling. I love to get creative with my outfits and how to style different items and add interesting touches to a look. As you can see, wrap a scarf around your waist, add a belt and it instantly creates a fun and very sophisticated look. It actually reminds me a little bit of peplum top.

Besides trying different looks and styles, I love trying different hairstyles too. I wanted an extra thick long and thick side braid for today's outfit, so even although I already have long hair myself, I added some clip-in extensions to create a dramatic look. I used clip-ins from a brand called: "Luxury for Princess"! If you love to add more volume or length to your hair this is definitely something worth checking out.Their products are of extreme high quality and the service is beyond impeccable. I love finding new stores so I thought I share this with you guys. You can find their website right here
and get a discount with discount code: tamarachloe

After having a nasty flu for more then three weeks I am finally up and running again, So I have tons and tons of outfit posts lined up for you guys.
Thank you all for all the sweet "get well wishes"!

I always hope you can find inspiration and ideas from my posts so like I said more coming soon.

I wish you all a fabulous day.

With love Tamara Chloé

Inspiration music for today;)
 This song on repeat, had me enchanted for hours while working today.

Oldie but Goldie: Zero 7: "Destiny"

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Sweater Style With Wulterkens

November 11, 2013

DSC_8783 xx resize

Hey everyone

It is definitely sweater weather out here. This is where Dutch brand: Wulterkens comes in with their uber trendy sweaters and tee's. I love cool details and how fun are these studded shoulders?

DSC_8314 Houndstooth skirt resize


DSC_8425 resize


DSC_8824 resize



DSC_8992 houndstooth skirt, Studded sweater


Sweater: Wulterkens: here , Denim Jacket: Zara  Skirt: Primark (last season), Heels: Sergio Todzi, Necklace: Pieces (the silver version) :here, Bag:Lady Store Amsterdam, Sunnies:Albert Cuyp

Get the look:

I don't think I have ever worn a sporty sweater on my blog before. 

The thing is: I only like them when they are worn in a feminine way. I am not the "sporty"  type of girl, so when I was asked to style a sweater by fabulous brand: Wulterkens Clothing,  I immediately knew it needed a knee length skirt and some printed high heels. As you all know I love "tough vs girly and classy" and I have actually worn this hounds tooth printed skirt on the blog before check it out: here and here
 I could not resist to pull this skirt out of my closet again, simply because this print is hotter then ever. With this print being one of my favorites, I am not complaining. 

Yesterday the city of Amsterdam was buzzing for MTV's EMA's and I was soooo bummed I could not attend. First of all I have been sick with a flu that seems to just not want to go away for weeks now. This is the main reason for not posting as frequent as usual, I am sorry you guys.  Every time I think I am getting better the headaches and chills are kicking my butt back into bed again.  My days have been filled with resting and drinking lots and lots of green smoothies. Because I have been living under a rock, or so it feels, I did not find out the EMA's were going to be held right here in this city until three days before the event! Ugggh too late and sick to arrange great seats and after party tickets bummeeeeerrrrrr!

When we came back home from drinks and shooting this outfit I found this huge white limo in front of my apartment building. I was like whuuuuut? 
When I was living in LA, this was a regular thing especially because I lived right next door to the famous Kodak theater on North Orange drive. Check google maps if you don't believe me. Every week there seemed to be a red carpet event just two steps away from my door so I was used to not being able to pull out of my drive way because it would be blocked by for example George Clooney and friends, it was very irritating!
Just kidding, of course it was FABULOUS .

Out here in Amsterdam, it is a completely different story, Although this city is very pretty and picturesque, we don't stumble upon white stretch limos. "Hollywood glamour" is far to be found and we can only lust for it by watching the E-channel, okay I am exaggerating now but it is not far from the truth.  I live very close to the famous Amstel hotel ( the only classy place in this town) and yesterday it was packed with recording artists like: Robin Thicke, Snoop Dog, Eminem and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few! This stretch was on it's way to pick up one of these big names and take them to the event while I had to stay home like Cinderella.  I had to sit my self on this car and take photo's like an Hollywood tourist just for old times sake. Right now I am still in bed with thick blankets and hot tea ánd a green smoothie in my hand and  kicking myself for missing out on a spectacular event while all my party dresses are collecting dust in my closet.
Oh well maybe I should watch more MTV,
Or maybe I should visit my beloved Los Angeles again,  I choose the latter! 

Have a fabulous start of the week everyone and check out Wulterkens Clothing for fabulous shirts right here before you leave

With Love Tamara Chloé

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These Wedgy Rainboots

November 5, 2013

DSC_7740 umbrella, wedged rainboots Supertrash resize2

Hey everyone 

Rain, rain, rain!

It's all we have been dealing with for the past week. I don't mind rain so much apart from the fact I don't get to wear my favorite shoes, heels and boots. This was the reason I was determined  to find myself a pair of rain boots that wouldn't look like rain boots but more like a trendy leather pair, that I get to wear with almost anything. This funky pair is absolutely perfect for dresses, pants, leggings and jeans. The great thing is, they are extremely comfortable and comfort is something I definitely don't want to miss out on while splashing myself through these fall showers!

Have you found some cool rain gear?


DSC_7974 resize


DSC_7633 Mango Umbrella, Supertrash rainboots resized


DSC_7887 Mango umbrella resized


Dress: Primark, Boots: Supertrash: here Umbrella: Mango: Here, Bag: LadyStore, Faux fur coat: thrifted

Get the look:

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks for reading!

With love Tamara Chloé

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