Sequined Christmas Dinner

December 30 , 2013

DSC_5736 Christmas dinner resized2

 Hey everyone 

Are you enjoying the holidays so far? If you've been checking my updates on my Instagram, you might know I prepared a Christmas dinner for my family on the 26th of December. I thought I could show you guys a few outfit photo's we shot at the dinner table. Dinner included a melted Brie cheese topped with cherries  and roasted almonds salad and my sons Lyon's ultimate favorite: a real English Shepperd's pie for the main course. we finished with chocolate cake and ice cream for desert and a home made Latte Macchiato topped with whipped cream. My mouth waters when I think about it again!  I know,I know, I should have shared some food pictures also, but when we finally served the much anticipated foods at 9pm, we were so famished, all we could do was eat and forget about Kodak or better yet Nikon moments!


DSC_5947 Christmas dinner resized 2


Collage Christmas 2


DSC_5720 Christmas sequined dress resized


DSC_5952 Cristmas sequined dress resized final

Sequined dress: Bershka, Necklace: LadyLand Amsterdam, Added hairextensions by: Luxury For Princess here (Use exclusive code "tamara chloe" for a ten euro holidays discount!)

Get the look:

I think sequined dresses are just perfect for the holidays, I fell in love with this piece the minute I laid my eyes on it last week. I especially love the black and blue print and heart shaped open back. As much as I love sparkle and glamour outfits, I think it's important to keep such glittery pieces very simple when it comes to styling them. I chose a bold statement necklace and kept my arms and ears bare.  This blingy number is one big accessory by it self don't you think?

Right now, I am preparing for New Years Eve and let me tell you, I can't wait to celebrate tomorrow with champagne and Dutch homemade:"oliebollen".

In the mean time I want to wish you all a fabulous New years Eve and hope you enjoy it to the fullest with much love and celebration!

Thanks for reading everyone.

With love Tamara Chloé

Love this oldie but goldie! 
 Eighties Dutch girlgroup: "Centerfold", how cute and sassy was their style? 


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Christmas Sheers

December 27, 2013


Hey everyone

The holidays are all about dressing festive, so that's exactly what I did  for Christmas eve. Printed tights, lace, feathers, a ruffled skirt finished with some much needed sparkle. Christmas is thé reason for me to let it all out!

DSC_4591 Christmas dress, printed tights resize

DSC_4909 Christmas dress resized2


DSC_4926 christmas dress


DSC_5152 printed sheers resized



DSC_5056 Christmas dress resized



DSC_4834 Christmas outfit resized

Romper worn as a top: Asos, Skirt: Local boutique, Tights: Hunkemoller here Belt: H&M, Bag: A Christmas present, Heels: Sergio Todzi

Get the look: 

I just had the most fabulous Christmas. On Christmas Eve I wore this outfit when I went out of town and spent the evening with loved ones, eating the most fabulous foods with lots of laughter. Can you believe I received this cute feathered clutch from my ten year old nephew? I was so stunned with his impeccable sense of style! We shot these photos in the cute little town we were visiting and I just loved the old feeling and beautiful little stores with vintage Christmas decorations.

I have more Christmas outfits coming up so stay tuned! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I wish you all a fabulous day and thank you for reading!

Much love Tamara Chloé.

To keep you all in the holiday mood, I added an hour of the best Christmas songs.

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Veiled In Pink Carven

December 21, 2013

DSC_4281 Pink Carven, Velied Beanie resize

Hey everyone 

Finally I am able to show you guys THE most gorgeous pink coat I have ever laid my eyes on. The Carven coat! French fashion house Carven set the "pink coat trend" last spring with their stunning candy colored runway fall collection. What more could I want then owning a piece by the ones who set the trend! Almost impossible to purchase it both online and in stores for months now, there has been a waiting list for this luscious most wanted pink piece! It makes it all the more special to me!

I am in pink love!


DSC_3421 Pink carven,Veiled beanie resize

DSC_3394 Pink Carven Coatt, Veiled beanie resized final


DSC_3586 Pink carven,Veiled beanie resized

DSC_3764 Pink Carven, Veiled beanie resized


DSC_3682 Pink Carven coat, Veiled beanie resized

DSC_4433 Pink Carven, Veiled beanie resized


DSC_3887 Pink carven Coat, veiled beanie, resized



Pink Coat: Carven sold out here, or Veiled beanie DIY Carhartt, love this one too:here and here, Statement necklace: Haastje Repje Amsterdam here, Jeans: Zara, Turtleneck sweater and rings: H&M, Heels: Sergio Todzi, Hair by Luxury For Princess: exclusive discount code: "tamarachloe" here

Shop veil beanies:

When I thought about styling this pink coat, I thought edge,trendy yet chic and classy.
I have been eying Rihanna wearing veiled beanies here from Silver Spoon Attire for months now and I thought it would be a great idea to DIY my very own piece. The beanie I am wearing in this post is from Carhartt, which is made of a great and thick quality wool. I added a metallic birdcage piece of fabric after I got a few yards at the local fabric store. Do not think this is in any way a difficult project! The fabric is so easy to attach to the beanie! Just cut a long strip of fabric and tie it around your beanie and tuck it into the folds. I chose to tie it at the back with a big bow to make a statement like Rihanna did. You can even add pearls and stones if you like. I got so many compliments on the street,  people asking me where I got my veiled beanie and that's always a nice thing. Especially if you have fabricated  the piece yourself. I love DIY projects and I don't really do them too often but I am having a change of heart. If you want to find out how to make your own veiled beanie. check out these YouTube tutorials right here and here
For a edgy look I decided to"crimp" my hair by braiding freshly washed towel dry hair using very small sections and letting it dry over night and taking them out in the morning. It goes for a complety different look right?

Talking about the rest of my outfit, I got this cute bag as a gift from my  sweet cousin.
After a while I noticed it looks a lot like the Chanel boybags which have been so popular lately. I am not one to buy replicas of designer items but this bag had to be an exception to my rule. I do happen to love this cute little piece. The color and quality is great and to me besides the sweetness of receiving it as a gift, thát is the most important thing don't you think? Not to mention I hád to just wear it as it looks great with the color pink.

I want to wish you all a splendid weekend and thank you so much for reading!

Much love Tamara Chloé.

Song of the day: "You know what" by N.E.R.D.

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50 Extraordinary Xmas Decoration Ideas

December 18, 2013


Hey everyone

Only six days away from Christmas and I am still in the midst of decorating my place.
A fresh green tree has been up for a week now, although I keep picking new decorations and adding final touches.
I thought I could share some stunning inspiration I found on the Internet while searching for decorating ideas!
If you are like me, you are still on the look out for pretty color schemes and table decor settings

All images taken from Pinterest.

Home decor is one of my big passions. A passion I share with my mom who happens to be an interior stylist.
I love beautiful surroundings and I can even feel slightly depressed when I am in a place that's not warm and well taken care of.  Ever since I was a young girl, I would fidget with cute candles, flowers and ornaments.
I even bring them when I travel and put them up in my hotel room.
It is so important to feel happy in your home and Christmas time definitely brings that special fuzzy feeling we all want for our home right?

My mom has some amazing Pinterest boards up on her account. If you would like to check out thé most amazing inspiration for both decor and fashion and even fitness videos! Make sure you check out her Pinterest boards right: here
I promise you! You will love it!

 So how about you? Have you finished decorating yet? I am curious for your thoughts.

Enjoy a wonderful day everyone!

With love Tamara Chloé

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