A Paris Stroll

February 23, 2014

DSC_5180 Yellow Zara Sweater, Myca couture Hat, Paris resized final

Hey everyone 

One big happy hello from Paris!

  If you've been following my updates on Instagram you must have noticed, I have spent some time here and traveled alone to the city of light and I am absolutely loving it. To be really honest with you guys, I needed a serious break from work and my blog for a while and I still will take it easy for a couple of weeks. What better way to recharge myself in the most romantic and beautiful city on the planet. The first days of my stay I spent roaming around and eating and drinking at the most wonderful places! I am talking crepes at the creperie: Ar Poul Gwen on Rue Etienne Marcel in the first arrondisment, smoked salmon club sandwiches at Cafe Du Trocadero with an amazing Eiffeltower view, macaron tasting at Ladurée and Pierre Hermé and one of the best falafel sandwiches I have éver tasted at the Falafel Café on Rue Bernard de Clairvaux. Foods in Paris are just way too good and if not careful you can easily put on way too many unwanted pounds. I usually eat very healthy, organic and "green", but that went quickly down the French toilet after my first creamy almond filled croissant tasting, To feel less guilty I did manage to fix myself healthy salads at my apartment almost every night.

On the third day I felt like I caught the beginnings of a nasty flu. Stomach and headaches accompanied by the chills were in full attack and the worst thing I could imagine was to be bed struck for a week  while I needed to be out there, heck I was missing out already! I went to the nearest pharmacy and stocked up on doses of Oscillococcinum and aspirin filled lemon drinks and bought: herbal teas. honey, fresh ginger, mint, fruits and chicken soup at the organic store to beat this thing before it would really catch me. Besides feeding myself with the healthiest foods, I rested and slept almost all day. I felt bad, I lost one full day darn it! Luckily my home remedies worked, because the next day I felt slightly better and that was great because it was Valentines day and my valentine was coming out all the way from Amsterdam to spend this special day with me.

We went for a walk on Avenue de L'opéra up to the Louvre and went down Rue Saint-Honoré to Le Castiglione for seriously thé best veggie soup and escargots I have tasted in  years. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Mind you I was still not well, so that explains why I am wrapped up in four layers of clothing and nothing too glamorous. Comfort had to be a winner that day. I know, I know, not very "Valentines" sexy! We finished the day with a very late but excellent steak dinner at L'escargot ,  I will share a few photos of that in a next post as I did change outfits and it did contain the color red. I have to tell you this day was absolutely perfect, so here are a few of my favorite shots to give you a Paris impression, enjoy!

DSC_5189 Yellow Zara Sweater, Myca Couture Hat, Paris,2 resized

DSC_5222 yellow zara sweater, Myca couture hat, Paris 2resized

Collage Paris stroll

DSC_5186 Yellow Zara sweater, Myca Couture hat, Paris, resized

DSC_5193 macaroons in Paris

Collage Paris stroll 4

DSC_5184 Yellow Zara sweater, Myca Couture hat, Paris 2

DSC_5485 Louvre Antiquaires Paris

DSC_5271 yellow zara sweater, Myca couture hat, Louvre, Paris

DSC_5225 Louvre Paris

DSC_5250 yellow sweater, Myca Couture hat, Louvre Paris

DSC_5436 yellow zara sweater, Myca Couture hat, Louvre Paris

DSC_5480 Eifel tower view shot from the Louvre

DSC_5568 Le Castiglione, Paris

DSC_5518 Tea at Le Castiglione, Paris

Collage Paris stroll 2

DSC_5630 Place Vendome nightime Paris

DSC_6658 Paris Eifel tower

I was wearing: Fur vest and Jeans: Zara, Yellow sweater: H&M, Jetsetter floppy fedora hat: Myca Couture, Boots: Daniele Dentici, Bag: SuperTrash

Get the look:

 Thanks for reading.
More of my Paris get away up here soon, so stay tuned everyone and in the meantime enjoy a great start of the week!

Love Tamara Chloé 

 Maitre Gims: "Zombie" is song of the day. This French singers powerfull tune has been on repeat on any music and radiostation in France, he is thát popular!

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Off To Paris In Purple Plaid

February 13, 2014

DSC_4915 plaid scarf resized final

Hey everyone 
 Here is just a quick snapshot taken right before I left for Paris on the high speed train yesterday. This speedy train only takes three and a half hours to get from Amsterdam to Paris, which is absolutely amazing if you think the  regular train takes six hours. I am not fond of flying and only will if I really have to, so I love this option, A delicious meal served at my table,  free drinks and wifi internet, I absolutely love traveling on ground like this. This huge plaid scarf kept me warm and cozy on this particularly cold winter day, but who cares about the temperatures when your off to the city of light?

DSC_4964 Seine Paris

When I arrived I couldn't help but take a few pictures while enjoying this amazing city,. It has been said, every time you visit Paris you fall in love all over again and it is so true, This city is truly magical!

DSC_4968 bridge locks Paris

Lovers Lock bridge.

Attach a lock with you and your lovers name, throw the key in the river and your love will remain for ever! Romantic huh?

DSC_5022 eifel tower, tamarachloestyleclues

This gorgeous tower, how can anyone not be impressed by it, just gotta visit it every time I am in Paris.

Instagram collage

Some instagrams: 1:  Reading a French Vogue on the train, 2: Night lit Hotel De Ville, 3:View of the Eifeltower, while 4: enjoying lunch.


I was wearing: Plaid scarf: Pieces, Turtleneck sweater: H&M, Shorts: F21, Boots: Zara

I am off for a meeting and then I will take a stroll around this rainy but gorgeous city. Of course I will post more "Paris" impressions soon.

Have a lovely day everyone.

xo Tamara Chloé

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Day 4 - MBFWA With Dorhout Mees, Tony Cohen and Winde Rienstra

February 9, 2014

DSC_4362 Floral dress, H&M fishermans cap xxx

Hey everyone 

Here's day 4 of Fashion Week. I will have to keep it very short, because I'm in the midst of packing my suitcases for my trip to Paris this Tuesday and as you can imagine I am extremely excited! More about Paris soon!

 I was scheduled to see four shows. Can you believe I missed one of the shows? I was sitting at the bar while sipping a relaxing cocktail and this relaxation mode made me arrive just a little too late for the Ratna Ho show!!  I couldn't believe they closed the doors already. It was such a bummer, so with my outfit of the day, I will share the other three shows I díd attend. Dorhout Mees, Tony Cohen, and Winde Rienstra, all spectacular designers and memorable shows I am still swooning over just thinking about it.

I Hope you enjoy a few of my favorite shots!

DSC_3992 Floral dress, H&M fisherrmans hat, Amsterdam Fashion week 2014 final

DSC_4205 Floral dress

DSC_4220 Silver Knot Necklace

DSC_4347 Floral dress, H&M fishermans hat resized

DSC_4228 Floral dress, H&M Fishermans hat

The Spot

DSC_9337 Fashion week amsterdam 2014

The shows:  

Dorhout Mees

This show was an absolute dream! Enchanting music, two big movie screens and such beautiful models showcasing the most stunning designs.I felt like I was in a trance when I left the room. The show was that good! Make sure you take note of the extravagant shoes and belts made out of wood and cork.

DSC_0721 Dorhout Mees Show, Amsterdam fashion week 2014

Collage Dorhout Mees, Fashion Week AMSTERDAM 2014

Collage Dorhout Mees 2, Fashion Week AMSTERDAM 2014

Collage Dorhout Mees 3, Fashion Week AMSTERDAM 2014

Tony Cohen

This designer is one of my favorites. Tony Cohen creates very wearable pieces and it's all soooo my cup of tea. Do you remember the orange pleated maxi skirt I posted on the blog last year? This stunner was from, yes you already guessed it: Tony Cohen!

Collage Tony Cohen Fashion week 2014

DSC_1277 Tony Cohen, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014

DSC_1197 Tony Cohen Amsterdam Fashion week 2014

DSC_1237 Tony Cohen Fashion week 2014

DSC_1221 Tony Cohen, Amsterdam Fashion week 2014

Collage Tony Cohen, Amsterdam Fashion week 2014 (3)


Winde Rienstra:

You had to be there to fully experience Winde Rienstra's fairytale like show and feel the magic and tension.
It was so pure, dreamy and powerful,it was like being in a movie.
Winde Rienstra used beautiful whites in lots of different fabrics and textures. I left very impressed with Windes creativity and extraordinary crafmanship.
Winde Riensta's show was truly a stunning spectacle.

DSC_1447 Winde Rienstra, Amsterdam Fashion week 2014

DSC_1449 Rinde Wienstra Frontrow, Amsterdam Fashion week 2014

Collage Winde Rienstra Fashion week amsterdam 2014

DSC_1482 Winde rienstra, Amsterdam fashion week 2014

Collage Winde Rienstra Fashion week amsterdam 2014 (2)

DSC_1542 Winde Rienstra, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014

Colage Winde rienstra Amsterdam fashion week 2014 (4)

DSC_1582 Winde Rienstra, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014

DSC_1620 Winde Rienstra, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014

Collage Winde Rienstra Fashion week Amsterdam 2014 (5)

DSC_1664 Winde Rienstra, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2014


DSC_1443 Bas Kosters Amsterdam Fashion week 2014

I couldn't help but snap a sneaky picture of Dutch Designer Bas Kosters, while waiting in the lounge for a show.

I was wearing:

Dress: Flamant Rose, Hat and Turtleneck shirt: H&M, Belt: Pieces, Heels: Zara, Necklace: LadyLand Boutique Amsterdam

Which show was your favorite and which style suits you best? I am so curious for your thoughts!

Enjoy a fabulous start of the week everyone and stay tuned for the fifth and last day of my adventures at Fashion Week.
With love Tamara Chloé

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