White Mesh with Myca Couture Jewellery

March 28, 2014

DSC_8093 white mesh, Myca couture final with changes

Hey everyone

Siiiiigh, it feels so good to finally being able to wear an all white outfit. I've just been so much in the mood for it lately and with a new Spring season at our doorstep, how can I possibly choose not too? I love to make sure there is a bit of texture going on in an all white look, so that's why I chose this mesh sweater for a dash of "trendy allure". Make sure you check out the Myca Couture jewellery which I am absolutely obsessed with.

Classy and elegant you don't need much more then just a few pieces and as of lately I am feeling more and more attracted to minimalism when it comes to jewellery pieces.  It could be a phase and I might be stacking a few bracelets again in the future but right now, this will be the look am going for.What do you think? Lots of jewellery vs minimal jewellery? Isn't it fun how our own style continuously evolves and changes?

DSC_8348 Mesh white shirt, Myca Couture

DSC_8146 White Mesh Shirt, Myca Couture Final2

DSC_8190 White Mesh, Myca Couture resized

DSC_8273 white mesh shirt, myca couture resized

DSC_8656 Metallic Zara sandal heels

DSC_8531 White mesh shirt, Myca Couture

DSC_8693 Spring blossom

DSC_8048 white mesh sweater, Myca Couture2

DSC_8447 White Mesh Shirt, Myca Couture

DSC_8147 White Mesh Shirt, Myca Couture

DSC_8358 Myca Couture Royalty cuff bracelet

DSC_8377 Myca Couture

I was wearing: Royalty Cuff Bracelet: Myca Couture:  here Top: Lady store Amsterdam (Local Boutique) Skinny jeans and Heels: Zara, Lipstick: Mac, Cream Sheen Fan Fare, Nailpolish: Essie, color: Blanc

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Thanks for reading lovelies!

Much love and enjoy a beautiful weekend!

Tamara Chloé

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