Little Black Tee

April 6, 2014

DSC_9102 Mango blazer, little black tee, Myca Couture

Hey everyone

Sometimes all we are in the mood for is a simple black tee, a light blazer and a pair of "leather look" skinnies. Last week me and my dad jumped on our bikes and went for a 40 mile bike ride which included visiting the small fishing town Volendam. First of all I love the real Volendam herring fish, onions and pickles, which is a real Dutch treat, so any chance I get to indulge in delicious seafood I'm game. Second the water views and pretty old Dutch style architecture are just beautiful and serene, Usually this place gets packed with tourists. We arrived late, just before sunset, so we were lucky to enjoy this place in pure peace and snap a few outfit photo's. As you can see I'm not wearing anything sporty although I do consider these bike rides one of my cardio workouts. I mean my legs seriously hurt when I got back home. Still I chose to wear something casual yet dressy enough to sit at a cute restaurant terrace for lunch or coffee afterwards. Once again I'm wearing one of Myca Couture royalty bracelet cuffs. I own quite a few pieces from this luxury and all handmade brand and I'm simply in love with this latest green piece
You can check all Myca's designs right here if you would like to check them out for yourself:  Myca Couture

DSC_8966 Little black tee, Myca Couture, Mango Blazer

DSC_9190 Burgundy bike in Volendam

DSC_8874 Myca Couture Green Royalty Cuff

DSC_8985 Myca Couture, Mango Blazer2

Collage Volendam 
DSC_8739 Mango blazer, Myca Couture

DSC_9201 Volendam

DSC_9155 Volendam souvenirs

DSC_9161 souvernirs Volendam

I was wearing: Black tee: Blazer: Mango, Black leather look skinnies: Zara, Royalty Cuff Bracelet: Myca Couture here, Necklace: Lucardi, Lipstick: MAC Saigon Summer, Nails: Essie (color): Blanc

Get the look:

Thanks for reading everyone!

Much love Tamara Chloé

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