From L.A. To Ibiza

May 29, 2104

Location: Ibiza, Spain

DSC_2457 All white outfit, Ibiza, Betsy Palmer bag, Zara

Hey everyone 

First and foremost I want to apologize to all of you for having gone M.I.A.  for over a week and half, but guess what? I'm back and I have tons of fun outfit posts lined up for you!

This post is all about an "all off white" look, something I loved wearing, when I was just so lucky to travel to this gorgeous island called Ibiza, where the sun is always bright, the beaches are stunning and the foods are just pure perfection.

DSC_2387 Lace shorts, Betsy Johnson bag, Ibiza, All white outfit

L.A. Woman

May 17, 2014

Location: Beverly Hills, California

DSC_1202 Pink Zara blazer

Hey everyone 

While in Los Angeles, one of my favorite things to do is strolling around the Beverly Hills area. Los Angeles is so captivating and magical, I can seriously say there is no place like this anywhere in the world. Today's outfit contains just the right elements for a summer day: A color combination of pink and browns, accessorized with gold details. Perfect for the diner we had in this luscious and ritzy area of LA.

DSC_1361 Pink Zara blazer


DSC_1412 Pink Zara blazer,

DSC_1659 Pink Zara blazer

DSC_1165 Pink zara blazer

DSC_1426 Details Pink blazer

DSC_1317 pink zara blazer

DSC_1445 Details Pink Zara blazer

DSC_1532 Pink zara blazer

DSC_1262 Pink Zara blazer

DSC_1249 pink zara blazer

DSC_1695 Zara Black Strapped Heels

Photos By: Lyon A. S.

I was wearing: Blazer and Heels: Zara, Skirt and bag: H&M, Top: Necklace and bracelet: LadyLand Amsterdam

Get the look:


An outfit doesn't have to necessarily be expensive for it to look classy and dressy. It's all about the right color, fabric and print mixing and adding the right accessories. Mix a soft fabric, flowy blazer with metallic leather skirt or pair of shorts and a shirt with a delicate but classic print like this croco printed tee. You'll be good to go on a budget that won't harm your wallet too much and you'll still look tailored for any upscale type of outing.
You can finish your look by adding gold or silver jewellery. Just make sure you wear just a few statement pieces for a clean cut look.

Eating out is my favorite thing to do in LA, so I have a list of a few of my favorite restaurants that I would love to share with you guys.  If you ever get the chance to visit this fabulous city make sure to check them out as these in my opinion are one of the best!

Villa Blanca - Beverly Hills: Fine dining and a beautiful all white decor
Spago - Beverly Hills: Very fine dining - a must go!
El Compadre  Great Mexican food for a very affordable price in Hollywood.
Bossa Nova:  Amazing Brazilian Cuisine.
 Amarone  for one of the best authentic Italian food and the owner is just fantastic, so helpful and caring.

Are you excited for summer outfits yet?

I want to wish you all a fabulous weekend

With Love, Tamara Chloé

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Let's Do Rodeo Drive

May 7, 2014

Location: Beverly Hills, California

DSC_0696 Rodeo drive, laced espadrilles,

Hey everyone

How can anyone not love walking down one of the most famous streets in the world? 
Rodeo drive full of glamour and prestigious sparkle is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Los Angeles called Beverly Hills. After coffee at the Urth caffe on Beverly Drive me and my photographer for the day couldn't resist shooting these photos while strolling here on this extremely warm day.

DSC_0773 Diane von Furstenberg dress, Rodeo drive2

DSC_0905 Diane Von Furstenberg dress

DSC_0803 Diane Von Furstenberg dress, Geox laced Espadrilles

DSC_0997 Beverly Wilshire

DSC_0993 Rodeo Drive sign

DSC_0649 Diane von furstenberg dress, Rodeo drive

DSC_0885 Diane von Furstenberg dress, Rodeo drive2

DSC_1024 Limo on rodeo drive

DSC_0941 Geox espadrilles2

DSC_1029 rodeo drive

Photos by: 0010x0010

I was wearing: Dress: Diane von Furstenberg here, Laced espadrilles: Geox, Sunnies: Myca Couture here, Earings: Picardi 

Get the look:

While here in LA, I am staying with my best friend Anna whom I've known since I was a kid and guess what? She happens to live on a street right next to Rodeo drive. gotta love her for that right?  I love strolling through the Beverly Hills neighbourhood, enjoying the beautiful stores, warm weather and wonderful foods.It is so good to be back home. The energy, the people the city. It all has such an incredible vibe, something that I miss terribly while in I'm in Europe. I am missing it so much, I'm even contemplating living here again for a few months next year. It's just an idea and nothing is decided just yet, but I am getting excited just thinking about it. My plan is to move to Paris for a few months later this year, So first things first right?

As of right now,  my stay in Los Angeles has been absolutely fabulous. It has been filled with eating at the most amazing places and going out to the most fun spots at night. One of my faves is the W hotel in Hollywood where they have an fabulous live band playing on Sunday nights. Think Hollywood hip and trendy with a dash of LA cool.  People go absolutely crazy here let me tell you!

I still have some time left here and I will be back with some more LA posts real soon, so stay tuned everyone! I am on a much needed vacay and a little bit of rest is doing me really good. Hope you guys understand.

Any vacation plans for yourselves anybody?

Talk to you all again soon.

With love Tamara Chloé

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LA On Instagram

May 1, 2014

LA collage

Hey everyone

One big happy hello from Los Angeles!

 If you have been following my updates on Instagram and have read my latest blog posts you might know I am currently in LA at the moment. Completely on vacation and relaxation mode, I still haven't been able to shoot any outfits yet, basically because I don't have my regular photographer with me, so I hope you guys can be a little patient with me. Of course I am making arrangements to do outfit shoots, so I can show you all what I'm up to while here. The weather has been completely mind blowing with temps up in the nineties this week and it has been so great to finally be able to wear shorts, miniskirts and no jackets, I can tell you. It's just fabulous to finally be "home"!

As far as the most delicious foods availabe in Los Angeles, I have been eating at the most amazing places in the Beverly Hills area, because that's where I'm staying, yes lucky me! Do try, the Beverly hills hotel for breakfast, I had the scrambled eggs with salmon and caviar and some berrie pancakes and it was absolutely  delish. An amazing cobb salad at restaurant Via Alloro on Canon Drive, Roasted salmon at restaurant the Gulfstream at the Century city mall, 'After two a.m." pizzas at Berri's Pizza Café on 3th street, is perfect after a night out and does atract the "hip Hollywood" type of crowd. They serve a wonderful green pureed veggie soup. I fell absolutely in love with the ambiance and calamari fritti at the Sunset Tower Hotel and their pool and Los Angeles  city view is absolutely breathtaking, this place is a must do!

I am off for my morning coffee at Urth Café you guys, if you want to stay connected and follow my adventures in LA, you can join me on Instagram for instant updates, when I'm not posting on the blog.

Hope to see u there.

Much love and I will be back soon!

Tamara Chloé

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