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May 1, 2014

LA collage

Hey everyone

One big happy hello from Los Angeles!

 If you have been following my updates on Instagram and have read my latest blog posts you might know I am currently in LA at the moment. Completely on vacation and relaxation mode, I still haven't been able to shoot any outfits yet, basically because I don't have my regular photographer with me, so I hope you guys can be a little patient with me. Of course I am making arrangements to do outfit shoots, so I can show you all what I'm up to while here. The weather has been completely mind blowing with temps up in the nineties this week and it has been so great to finally be able to wear shorts, miniskirts and no jackets, I can tell you. It's just fabulous to finally be "home"!

As far as the most delicious foods availabe in Los Angeles, I have been eating at the most amazing places in the Beverly Hills area, because that's where I'm staying, yes lucky me! Do try, the Beverly hills hotel for breakfast, I had the scrambled eggs with salmon and caviar and some berrie pancakes and it was absolutely  delish. An amazing cobb salad at restaurant Via Alloro on Canon Drive, Roasted salmon at restaurant the Gulfstream at the Century city mall, 'After two a.m." pizzas at Berri's Pizza Café on 3th street, is perfect after a night out and does atract the "hip Hollywood" type of crowd. They serve a wonderful green pureed veggie soup. I fell absolutely in love with the ambiance and calamari fritti at the Sunset Tower Hotel and their pool and Los Angeles  city view is absolutely breathtaking, this place is a must do!

I am off for my morning coffee at Urth Café you guys, if you want to stay connected and follow my adventures in LA, you can join me on Instagram for instant updates, when I'm not posting on the blog.

Hope to see u there.

Much love and I will be back soon!

Tamara Chloé

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