The Return Of The Scrunchie

 July 29, 2014 

Scrunchie Collage

Hey everyone

Yes, you read it. Scrunchies are back!  When I was scrolling through the newest online arrivals on the River Island website last night, I noticed a huge collection of scrunchies. I was like: what the....! Scrunchies?????   I mean long gone has been the despised scrunchie. I don't think there's been any other fashion item more hated and looked down upon then this little hair accessory dating back from the eighties. According to Carrie Bradshaw from the hit show: Sex And The City "no woman in Manhattan would have wanted to be caught dead wearing a scrunchie"and I think that rule applied to the rest of the world also, especially after that hilarious statement and, therefore, implanted in every woman's brain. 

Amsterdam Fashion Week Part II

July 27, 2014

Location: Westergas fabriek, Amsterdam

DSC_8907 Jacvky Luxury dress, Mise En Dior earings, Betsey Johnson bag, Amsterdam Fashion Week 2104(2)

Hey everyone 

Siiiigh I just deeply love fashion, and that feeling comes out when I visit Fashion Week. There is only one part I love most about it, and that's when the music for the show starts and I can just sit in the dark dreaming, I'm in a different world. I feel like a small child who goes to the movie theatre for the first time. A child in awe wishing it to never end. It's that magic of creation; this art called fashion that I just love so much.

Amsterdam Fashion Week Part I

July 20, 2014

Location: Westergas Fabriek, Amsterdam

DSC_8032 Franzel Pants, Michael Kors bag, Fashion .Week Amsterdam 2014

Hey everyone

Yes, it is that time again, Amsterdam Fashion week!  For me, it is a much needed event full of new inspiration for spring-summer 2015. I was lucky enough to receive invites for multiple shows and today we kickoff with talented designers: Franzel Amsterdam and Ready To Fish by Ilja.

As for my outfit, I wore a pair of designer pants by Franzel Amsterdam, which I think are absolutely fabulous. The quality is fantastic, and the print one of a kind as Franzel has been known for creating. I decided to mix it up with a feminine peplum top and metallic strappy heels.

Hope you guys enjoy this post.

WARNING, tons of runway photos I all shot myself coming up, so be ready to scroll for a while, but most important get inspired!

Color Your Romper

July 15, 2014

Location: Sarphati Park, Amsterdam

DSC_6844 SheInside romper, Michael Kors selma bag

Hey everyone 

First of all, I so am sorry for the lack of posts this past week, but maybe it helps for me to mention, I have a very solid reason for not posting because I've  been crazy busy with attending Fashion Week in Amsterdam. Always a very hectic, spectacular and most of all an inspiring week, I am definitely not complaining, and I hope you guys understand, as I have tons of Fashion Week outfit posts lined up for you!


Today's post is all about this gorgeous, colorful romper from SheInside with low V-NECK and bareback. I am head over heels with this piece! If you want some attention while maybe going to the beach or even a night out clubbing wearing this colorful number is a way to go.

What do you guys think?

Different Lengths

July 4th, 2014

Location: Weteringsschans, Amsterdam

DSC_6175 Mise En Dior Earings, Zara skirt pants, Mesh white shirt, Jessica Simpson bag2

Hey everyone

One of my favorite things to do during hot summer days is wearing a total white outfit. I have always been obsessed with this "non-color" because it instantly makes you look more tan and keeps you cool during hot days.

Today I'm wearing a few of my favorite new pieces: A Zara pant and skirt -in one-, which I think is absolutely fabulous, my new Mise En Dior earrings and my favorite Armani watch I scored in Ibiza. All three being the color white, and it can not be a coincidence that I all love them so much, right?