The Return Of The Scrunchie

 July 29, 2014 

Scrunchie Collage

Hey everyone

Yes, you read it. Scrunchies are back!  When I was scrolling through the newest online arrivals on the River Island website last night, I noticed a huge collection of scrunchies. I was like: what the....! Scrunchies?????   I mean long gone has been the despised scrunchie. I don't think there's been any other fashion item more hated and looked down upon then this little hair accessory dating back from the eighties. According to Carrie Bradshaw from the hit show: Sex And The City "no woman in Manhattan would have wanted to be caught dead wearing a scrunchie"and I think that rule applied to the rest of the world also, especially after that hilarious statement and, therefore, implanted in every woman's brain. 

What can I say Carrie is almost every woman's fashion icon for crying out loud. We all agreed with her a hundred percent wait a minute, maybe even a thousand percent if it even exists, that scrunchies were a huge fashion no-no. Of course, Carrie was right. Anyone who dared to question her wasn't right in the fashionable head. The thing that keeps haunting me is: what would Carrie say if she could just watch this scary thing happening? I think poor Carrie is turning in her TV grave right now!

The days of just the cringing thought of ever wearing a scrunchie again could be gone soon. According to runway shows featuring designers like: Marc Jacobs, Ashish, Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Paul Gaultier and brand stores:  Asos, American Apparel and River Island picking up on the trend, the scrunchies are back with a bang!


How could we forget that scrunchies are extremely comfortable and so soft to wear though, especially when going to sleep? After waking up our hair would have that lovely natural wave to it, so really they weren't all that bad, actually pretty good I must say. Scrunchies never damaged the hair like most modern elastic hairbands does. So how come that all of a sudden they were just considered só not cool  anymore and that the feeling stayed for years to come? Why have women been so embarrassed by just the thought of wearing them, let alone do it?

Harper's Bazaar came out with a few answers to these burning questions.

1: "There is a dangerous temptation to co-ordinate the scrunchie with your outfit – a fashion sin of immeasurable proportions."

2: " Fans of the scrunchie tend to be either nineteen-year-olds, channelling 80s and 90s trends that they were not alive to experience first-hand, or frumpy middle aged women working the same looks they never left behind." 

I have always completely agreed with these statements, but hey a girl can change her mind, right? Familiar faces like J-lo, Selena Gomez and Rita Ora have been spotted wearing the trend just to name a few. My question now is, and it's a big one, would you ever consider wearing the scrunchie, rocking them in a new and modern way? Especially as River Island and Asos have them in the trendiest prints available? I am talking  Houndstooth, summer florals, leopard, tartan print and black leather? I can't help it but, I am starting to like these pieces of horrifying scrunched fabric.  How fabulous is the silver metallic scrunchie paired with pale pink lips and blue denim shirt in the top photo? If paired and styled right it could be a great new trend again. So how do you feel about the notorious scrunchie comeback? Will you give them a try or will you run for the hills on this one?

I am curious for your thoughts my friends.

Thanks so much for reading everyone and let me remind that you can shop your favorite scrunchies by clicking on them in the collages I created for you all.

With love Tamara Chloé

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