Ibiza, Behind The Lens

Sunday August 17, 2014

Location: Ibiza, Spain

DSC_2710 Ibiza

Hey everyone

 How have you all been? Well on this rainy Sunday, I can't help but miss my beloved  Ibiza, the stunning sun filled island I visited earlier this year. To be honest; I can't wait to head back there soon as I am head over heels with this little spot.

Nothing lifts my spirit more then going through my vacation photos when the weather is this gloomy. So I wanted to share a few images I shot while strolling on this beautiful island. The bummer is, I didn't take as many pictures as I had planned to but let's be real, carrying around a DSLR every day on a warm island is quite a task, and you know what they say, when you are really having a good time you forget to take any photos period.

 Hope you enjoy a bit of  Spanish sunshine everyone!

DSC_2713 Ibiza Florals

DSC_2718 Ibiza palmtree
DSC_3203 Ibiza Playa D'en Bossa boulevard
DSC_2538 Ibiza town
DSC_2534 Ibiza Town. Daniella
DSC_2977 Ibiza Town, palmtrees
DSC_2582 Girl singin in Ibiza town
DSC_2633 La Brasa Ibiza town
DSC_2706 Bird at La Brasa Ibiza
DSC_2624 foods Ibiza, la Brasa
DSC_2629 La brasa seafood salad Ibiza
Collage La Brasa Ibiza
DSC_2681 Ibiza, La Brasa plants
DSC_2982 Ibiza Town port
DSC_2564 Jewelry stand Ibiza Town
DSC_2541 Ibiza Clothing
DSC_3216 Beach house on Ibiza
Collage Ibiza
DSC_3073 jacky luxury dress, Ibiza, Playa d'enn bossa
DSC_3177 Ibiza beach view of Ibiza Town
Sight.. this view of the ocean with the castle of ibiza in the background, I just couldn't get enough of it!

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Of course while I'm at it, I have a few tips on some great restaurants and spots in Ibiza too.

1: First and most important to me is grabbing a Latté or Chai tea while on the go. Ibiza does not have a Starbucks, so we found a great coffee place called: Canadian on Passeig de Vara de Rey. Make sure to check it out as the coffee and cakes are yummy, and a big plus is: it's not as pricey as Starbucks!

2: La Brasa: Think paradise on earth and amazing foods including lot's of fish delicacy's and incredible steaks. Well, restaurant La Brasa comes to mind immediately. located at Carrer Pere Sala 3, Ibiza City, this is an absolute must try.

3: Gelato Ibiza: Make sure to try the best gelato's in tons of flavours that you can find on Passeig de Vara de Rey also.

4: Pizza Loca: located at: Carrer Lluis tur ir Pallau (Port D'eivissa) is a tiny walk-in spot where they prepare the best slices of home made pizza. This place is perfect while on the go and grabbing a quick bite. Trust me you will love these because me, and my cousin kept coming back here eagerly for more and more a few times during our stay.

 Has any of you been to Ibiza island yet and if not what is your favorite vacation spot?

Thanks for reading everyone and enjoy a great start of a new week!

With love Tamara Chloé

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