Sleeve Tied

October 7, 2014

Location: Amsterdam

DSC_0079 Red biker jacket, Chanel Boy bag, Blue fedora hat(3)

Hey everyone 

I am so sorry I have been absent for a week on this blog you guys. Last week I came down with a bit of a stomach flu.  This explains my lack of posting because all I could do was lie on a couch drinking gallons of tea and holding movie marathons on HBO.  I was totally bummed out about it, especially as I wanted to shoot a real fabulous post on the beach last Saturday. Last weekend were probably the last warm  days of this summer and with the weather cooling off quickly I am not sure if I will be able to do this beach shoot anytime soon. I guess I will have to submit myself to freezing in the water next week and pretend it's warm. Let's pray for some good weather, because I am anxious sharing this one with you all.  The good news is; I am back and healthy again and not going anywhere.

For today's post I am wearing a fierce red biker jacket which has been one of my absolute favorites ever since I got it about a year ago. The color red is hot for fall 2014. For me a great reason to keep holding on to this piece that matches almost every outfit I can think of. I added this cool sleeve tie skirt for a casual sporty vibe but kept it chic by adding strapped heels and a crisp white blouse. I finished the look with a indigo blue hat.  For me a fun way of mixing different styles.

What do you think?

DSC_9878 wrap around skirt Zara, Chanel boy bag, Armani watch
DSC_0122 Red biker jacket, Chanel Boy bag(3),
DSC_9238 Red Biker Jacket, Chanel Boy Bag, Blue fedora hat,
DSC_9616 Red Biker Jacket, Amsterdam Canals, Chanel Boy bag
DSC_9823 Chanel Boy Bag, Armani Watch
DSC_9354 Red Biker jacket, Chanel Boy Bag, Tamara Chloé
DSC_9297 Red Biker Jacket, Chanel Boybag, Blue Fedora hat
DSC_9831 Blue fedora hat, Red Biker Jacket, Tamara Chloé
DSC_9807 Zara strapped heels
DSC_9665 Flowers on a Amsterdam bridge

I was wearing: Jacket: Toxik, Sleeve Tie Skirt and heels: Zara, Bag: Chanel Boy Flap, Shirt: H&M, Watch: Armani, Hat: Open market Amsterdam.

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Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading.

With love Tamara Chloé

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