Beanie Veiled

November 23, 2014

DSC_6238 Choies Veiled beanie, H&M skirt, Chanel Boy bag, Tamara Chloé

Hey everyone

How is your weekend going?  In this post I wanted to share an outfit that I think is oh so holiday appropriate. Fun, play full and dressy enough to stay warm. The fabulous veiled beanie I got from Choies adds that extra glamour we sometimes need, especially around this festive time of year. Add a some lace and print and those much anticipated Alexander Wang x H&M booties and I'm good to go. What do guys you think?   

DSC_6518 Bershka body stockingm H&M skirt, Choies Jacket, Tamara Chloé

DSC_6308 Choies Jacket, Veiled beanie, Alexander wang, Chanel boy bag2
DSC_6496 Choies Army Green hooded jacket, Tamara Chloé
DSC_6283 Choies veiled beanie, Army green parka, H&M skirt, Bershka body, Chanel boy bag, Tamara Chloé
DSC_6602 Chanel Boy Bag, Tamara Chloé
DSC_6359 Choies Veiled beanie, Choies army green parka, H&M skirt, Alexander Wang booties, Chanel Boy bag, Bershka body, Tamara Chloé (fourth)
DSC_6431 Alexander Wang H&M boots, Chanel Boy Bag
DSC_6513 Choies Army green parka, H&M skirt, Bershka body, Tamara Chloé
DSC_6728 Choies Velied beanie
DSC_6456  Alexxander Wang for H&M boots, Chanel Boy bag
DSC_6462 Alexander Wang for H&M boots, Tamara Chloé

I was wearing: Black Veiled Beanie: Choies here // Green Hooded Jacket Choies here // Skirt: H&M here // Lace Flocked Body: Bershka here // Boy Bag: Chanel // Boots: Alexander Wang for H&M here

Thank you for reading and enjoy a great start of a new week!

With love Tamara Chloé

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