Health - 10 Tips For Prepping That Summer Body

March 30, 2015

DSC_7184 Tony Cohen, White pleated maxi skirt, Hunkemoller bathing suit, Tamara Chloe

Hey everyone

As of lately and especially during my trip to Paris, I have been indulging in way too many yummy but oh so unhealthy foods. Sweets, chocolates, cakes and junk foods. It has packed a few unwanted pounds I want to get rid of ASAP. Needless to say I have been completely off track when it comes to my eating and workout habits. I normally eat very healthy and only organic, so this lifestyle was out of the ordinary for me.  Last week was the moment! I officially started working out and eating very healthy again. I will talk about what kind of healthy foods I am eating in a new post soon. so more about this subject later.

 Okay, I have to say it is pretty hard the first few days and I am thinking of comfort foods almost non stop. The only thing that keeps me going is that I want to feel happy and comfortable in my own skin and looking after my weight and health is a huge part of this. Sticking to it is the most important.  Basically because I am all about finishing whatever I start.

Let's talk about how I stay focused!

Double Fringe

March 25, 2015

Location: Amsterdam

DSC_6397 SuperTrash Fringe Durian top, Chanel Boy bag, H&M paris Collection over the knee boots, Tamara Chloé (3)

 Hey everyone

As you may have noticed, Spring and Summer 2015 will be all about the seventies. Anything fringe is a huge part of this fabulous bohemian fashion trend. With the weather starting to look more like Spring, I am slowly getting ready for the new season by pairing this fabulous SuperTrash fringed shirt with casual blue jeans, suede over the knee boots and a cozy cardi to keep me warm when it still gets chilly. How I'm enjoying those first few rays of spring sunshine.

Goodbye Winter, hello Spring!

DSC_6319 H&M Paris Show, Over The Knee boots, Tamara Chloé

10 Chanel Boy Bags We Need This Spring

March 16, 2015

Collage Chanel Boy Bags 2015 (2)

Hey everyone

Happy Monday!

Once you buy your first Chanel bag you will get seriously addicted and find yourself looking for more of them like a true heroin addict. This is the reason I can't help but scope out the Chanel website for new boy bags on a regular basis. I mean who can't? On the other hand, all it does is leaving me hungry, obsessed and losing sleep because I seriously want them all and like right now.

The latest Chanel Boy collection is just way too good therefore I wanted to share the newest pieces from the Dubai themed 2015 Cruise Collection in this Monday post.  I allready have my eye on the black leather braided piece on the top right, but I am loving the gold, and the fabulous denim patchworked boy too! No, let me just be brutally honest right here. I am drooling over them all!

 Which one is your favorite?

Curious to find out more about these boys? Check them all out on the Chanel website right here

Enjoy a fabulous new week everyone.

With love Tamara Chloé

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Streets Of Paris With Adidas Part II

March 14, 2015

Location: Paris,  Louvre

DSC_2269 Tamara Chloé, Michael Kors Selma bag, G Star Raw for the oceans,, Paris

Hey everyone

Here is the second post from beautiful Paris. We shot these photos the first day in Paris about two weeks ago when it was still pretty cold. It was windy as hell, so excuse my fly away hair. Apart from hair problems we had a great time strolling around. We went to The Louvre, The Seine, The Notre Dam. all over the first arrondisement really.

About my outfit, for a long walk, high heels wouldn't have been comfortable at all.  I chose to wear my favorite pair of Rita Ora For Adidas sneakers. I tend to grab this pair all the time, and I always get tons of compliments and remarks on how different and fun they are. I kept my outfit pretty casual which you might not see me do too much on the blog, containing a midi skirt, Wulterkens sweater and one of my favorite bomber jackets by G-Star Raw For The Oceans.

Hope you enjoy these photos you guys!

DSC_2681 Paris bridge
DSC_5588 Adidas, Rita Ora, Tamara Chloé

Streets Of Paris With Adidas

March 8, 2015

Location: Place Vendome, Paris

DSC_3630 Paris, Place Vendome, Adidas, Rita Ora, Chanel boy bag, Alexander Wang, Tamara Chloé 2

 Hey everyone

One big happy hello from Paris!

  Paris is in my opinion one of the most magical cities in the world. I mean every time I come back here I discover something new, something amazing and something even more fabulous. This place is just endless beauty, and I am so excited to take it all in again.

With Paris as the most perfect backdrop, I wanted to share some favorites by one of my favorite brands Adidas, which I have been so fortunate to collaborate with. The pieces I am wearing today are from the Rita Ora Unstoppable collection. What I love about this particular collection is the fact that it's so colorful yet bold and playful. All the ingredients I need for a day out on the town without looking too overdressed yet makes an eye catching statement..... Read more

DSC_2242 Place Vendome Paris, Tamara Chloé
DSC_3862 Adidas, Rita ora hat, Chanel Boy Bag, Tamara Chloé

How To Pose For Street Style Photos Part II

March 1, 2015

DSC_8425 resize

Hey everyone

As promised here is the second part of my tips on how to pose as a blogger. I was so happy with your amazing responses to my first post about this subject a few weeks ago which you can find here. Of course I am always happy when I can inspire anyone of you because this is the reason I started blogging in the first place.

Do keep in mind that I am not trying to come across as an expert that knows it all when it comes down to modelling and posing. I am just simply sharing my tips and experiences when I pose for my own photos.

So let's start.....