10 Chanel Boy Bags We Need This Spring

March 16, 2015

Collage Chanel Boy Bags 2015 (2)

Hey everyone

Happy Monday!

Once you buy your first Chanel bag you will get seriously addicted and find yourself looking for more of them like a true heroin addict. This is the reason I can't help but scope out the Chanel website for new boy bags on a regular basis. I mean who can't? On the other hand, all it does is leaving me hungry, obsessed and losing sleep because I seriously want them all and like right now.

The latest Chanel Boy collection is just way too good therefore I wanted to share the newest pieces from the Dubai themed 2015 Cruise Collection in this Monday post.  I allready have my eye on the black leather braided piece on the top right, but I am loving the gold, and the fabulous denim patchworked boy too! No, let me just be brutally honest right here. I am drooling over them all!

 Which one is your favorite?

Curious to find out more about these boys? Check them all out on the Chanel website right here

Enjoy a fabulous new week everyone.

With love Tamara Chloé

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