The Vanity of Fashion Bloggers - 7 Misconceptions

October 29, 2015

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In the three years I have been blogging, I have heard all kinds of remarks of what fashion bloggers are supposed to be like. Some are positive, while some can be quite negative. Of course I understand that this comes with the territory. I mean we slam photo's of ourselves all over the Internet like there is no tomorrow. Not once or twice, but everyday, all day. I get the fact that some people will get the wrong message here. "Narcissistic wanna be models", "self absorbed attention seekers" are one of those not so nice remarks about fashion bloggers, Does it really look that bad what we do is the question here?

Outfit - Fringe And Plaid

October 27, 2015

Hey everyone

The fringe obsession is here to stay! I know that we have been seeing this trend way too much for the past few months, but it still remains one of my favorites. In my opinion anything fringe instantly adds that extra "oomph" to even the most casual outfits. To me it looks flirty and playful and that is just what I wanted this outfit to look like, plus the distressed jeans and burgundy hat give this look a total rock and roll vibe. Don't you think?

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The Hottest Chanel Eye Wear We Totally Need this Fall

October 22, 2015
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Hey everyone

With the seventies trend going full on this summer and fall, Chanel was able to come out with just the hottest eye wear totally matching the hippie-chic style everyone is craving at the moment. As a huge Chanel fan, I couldn't resist sharing these glamorous shades with you guys. I am totally drooling over each one of them! Which pair is your favorite?

Curious for more? Find the full collection on the Chanel website right here everyone!  

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Outfit - Knits and Crochet

October 19, 2015

Hey everyone
One thing I regret about the fall is the fact I don't get to wear my summer dresses for a while. Of course there are solutions for everything right?  Throw a knitted sweater over your favorite summer dress and pair them with a pair of OTK boots and you are good to go for the fall season. When it is not too cold yet, this look is totally fine with bare legs. If you prefer it, you can wear some sheer nylons as well. I love mixing different textures to make an outfit appear more interesting. As you can see here I mixed suede, knits and crochet and kept everything in muted colors to make it all come together. I love how Emiel came up with adding the fringe scarf. Still to this day he surprises me with his fresh ideas and clear eye for detail.This blog wouldn't be what it is right now without him. 

 When it comes to styling your outfit, don't be afraid to think a little out of the box. Try new things and have fun with your outfit by adding prints and textures you never thought possible. You might surprise yourself right?

Outfit - The Cutest Bomber

October 15, 2015

Location Amsterdam

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Hey everyone 

The weather is quickly cooling off here in Amsterdam and what is better then to wear my favorite fall colors. Khaki green has got to be one of my favorite fall colors for sure. For instance I scored this cute bomber jacket while shopping at Bershka a few weeks ago. What I liked about it the most is the broad rim at the bottom, therefor really accentuating the waistline. I think most bomber jackets look bulky on me, but this piece has got to be one of those exceptions.

I paired it with a simple tee and black jeans and added these fabulous faux snakeskin ankle boots, that I can't seem to take my eyes off. These showstoppers just have to be one of my favorite pairs at the moment and I can't wait to rock them with more outfits. I have a feeling they would look great with a leather or buttoned up suede skirt or even edgify a dressy outfit like suit pants and a blazer. The possibilities are endless with this pair. What do you think?

Mango Faux Snakeskin ankle boots, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Chanel boy bag, Red bandana, bandana trend

Outfit - Button Up Plaid

October 8, 2015

Location: Amsterdam

Hey everyone

Today's look contains a few of my fall favorites. Think a Panama hat in a chocolate brown shade, a mustard colored plaid shirt dress and a sexy shade of red crossover bag to add color to it all. What can I say the fall season is not a reason for me to stop wearing hints of color.
What do you all think?

Outfit - Timeless

October 5, 2015

Location:  Amsterdam
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Hey everyone

Time management is something we all try to incorporate into our lives, by continues planning and scheduling our full agendas. It's not an easy task. With everyone leading busy lives sometimes, it's hard to really make time for ourselves and our loved ones. We never have enough time. Time to work out, time to see that friend we haven't seen in months, time to really listen to someone who needs it. Lately I have made it a priority to really stand still and enjoy life while living in the hustle and bustle of today's society. With our constant attention to social media, buzzing smart phones and an inbox full of endless emails, it is time to take notice of what's really important in life. I honestly think that taking the time for each other is.

When I discovered a beautiful collection of luxurious handcrafted time pieces made from natural woods known as Jord Wood Watches, I knew was on to something special. Jord Wood Watches really stand for what I believe in. Creating beautiful pieces made from natural materials and in such a beautiful way, it took my breath away. I think this collection really represents the delicate time we need to take for each other. The watch I would choose isn't only a beautiful time piece we can wear on our wrists and admire all day. It is more then that  It is a gentle reminder time is more than just a race against the clock. Today I want to show you a piece made from the highest quality grained golden koa wood. Rich rose gold tones finishes this incredible watch that says nothing more then timeless chic and you all know I am huge fan of that.  

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