Outfit - New Years Eve

December 31, 2015

Location: Conversatorium hotel, Amsterdam

Only are a few hours left untill we can ring in the year 2016!

 I am looking back at an amazing 2015, feeling grateful for all the great things and wonderful people in my life. When it comes to my NYE outfit; the last day of the year should be all about wearing sexy lace, glittering beads and shimmering sequins for that extra festive feeling!. The more the better!  Let's make it happen everyone and thanks so much for always stopping by this blog. I am forever grateful for your ongoing support. Once again thank you.

In 2016 I am ready to keep inspiring you all!


Outfit - Wifey For Lifey

December 28, 2015

Location: Royal Palace, Amsterdam

Tamara Chloé, Colurful Rebel, Wifey For Iifey, Suede Over The Knee The Boots, Chanel Boybag, Burgundy Pom Beanie, Glitter skater skirt, TC Style Clues

Happy Monday

I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous and wonderful Christmas and got to share it with your favorite loved ones. We sure did. Me and the bf Emiel spend three full days with family enjoying great conversations and just the yummiest foods.We are both looking back at a wonderful year working on this blog, creating all these posts together for you guys. We share this huge love for photography and for me it is amazing to have a partner in crime. We are more then a team; We are best friends, soul mates and we have amazing plans for the future which I can not tell you about just yet, but I will share some more of it on the blog soon enough. We feel as if we are in this thing called: love and partnership for life and that's why this sweater with the text: "Wifey For Lifey" is so funny, yet appropriate for the two of us!  I spotted this cool number at Colourful Rebel which is a Dutch brand who creates just the coolest sweater and shirts with slogans that make me laugh. We all need a little bit of humor in life right? The Colourful Rebel boutique is just down the street from our apartment, but you can find their online store right here

About my outfit: We are having the mildest winter recorded in history, so when we shot these photos, it was actually not cold at all. At first I picked a burgundy wide brimmed fedora hat to go with this outfit, but after a terrible traffic jam and finally stepping out the car afterwards, the wind blew off my hat and it ended up in one of the Amsterdam canals. I was so bummed, but we were very short on time. It was already 3.30 in the afternoon, so we had less than an hour to shoot this look before it would be completely dark. Ouch blogger stress!  We rushed into the Kalverstraat and after running into the first store in sight, Emiel picked this burgundy pom pom beanie at River Island. I had to agree that the beanie would look even better with this sweater then the fedora hat I chose earlier. So hey, life can turn out surprisingly well, even when you think everything is going against you. The only thing I need to do now is to buy a new burgundy fedora, but hey there are worst things in the world right?

Curious to hear what you guys think of this look!

Tamara Chloé, Colurful Rebel, Wifey For Iifey, Suede Over The Knee The Boots, Chanel Boybag, Burgundy Pom Beanie, Glitter skater skirt, TC Style Clues


Village On Ice

December 21, 2015

Location: Museum Plein Amsterdam

Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Morgan De Toi Fur Coat, Gucci soho disco bag, Alexander Wang Scuba Sneakers, Village on Ice, Amsterdam, Museum plein

Let's face it, a warm and pretty coat is one of the most important items during winter time. Especially when you are on the go and outside for hours. As much as I love light jackets, nothing beats a fluffy coat like the one I am wearing in this post. Yesterday we went to Village On Ice,  a fabulous Christmas fare right in the heart of Amsterdam and like a kid in a candy store, I just was in awe of all the yummy foods, the fun ice rink and great music yelling trough the immense speakers. Strolling the market with a cup off hot cocoa exploring all the food and clothing stands is definitely my idea of the perfect Sunday afternoon. What's yours?

Village On Ice, Amsterdam

Red Plaid

December 18, 2015

Location: Colourfull Rebel Amsterdam

Red Plaid shirt, Supertrash Moto jacket, Zara Fringe ankle boots, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Michael Kors Selma bag, Amsterdam, blogger, Colourful Rebel

Happy Friday

I can't even believe the weather we've been getting here in The Netherlands. Yesterday we recorded temps at 14 degrees Celsius (57 Fahrenheit) . This is officially the warmest December we have ever encountered in history. I was able to just pull off this plaid shirt and metallic moto vest and wasn't the least bit cold. I have never been able to do that with Christmas just around the corner. Oh well I guess we won't be having a white Christmas this year.

I am not sure if this outfit is a man reppeller, but the bf slash photographer Emiel absolutely "hates" plaid anything. I have to keep convincing him; wearing plaid is effortlessly cool and so on-trend right now. I have always loved plaid and this time, Emiel can't keep me from wearing it. Sorry love!  I have to admit that wearing plaid does appear a bit tom boyish, so I do like to mix it up with a touch of sexy feminine leopard and I added a sparkling skinny scarf  for that seventies flair. The cute bracelets I am wearing are handmade by my fourteen year old cousin Sam. He did a great job don't you think? 

Red Plaid shirt, Skinny scarf, Metallic Supertrash Moto gilet, TC Style Clues, Blogger, plaid and leopard


5 Tips To Stay Slim This Holiday Season

December 11, 2015

Tamara Chloé, Christmas Dinner, Sequined dress, Luxury For Princess, Christmas table setting
Hey everyone

You know the feeling right? You have worked hard to lose a few pounds just before the holidays to look fabulous. Boom there you are during a family dinner and all goes out the window by over stuffing your self with way to many fattening and sugary foods. Don't think you can't indulge at the Christmas dinner table. You just have to know how to do it, so maintaining your current weight will be a breeze!



Holiday Shopping - The Smart Girl Gift Guide

December 7, 2015

2015 Christmas Gift Guide, Byredo Rose of no man's land, Sephoras Favorites Superstars, iphone charger,  Urban Decay naked Smoky pallette,

Tis the season everyone and I am already on the look out for the most fabulous gifts for my friends and family. Most people find it extremely hard to find that special gift that ooozes originality and something that your loved one will just love so much, that they will keep on using it over and over again. I mean we all have received the endless scarfs and itchy woolen gloves that ended up in the back of our closet right? I actually spotted a few gifts worthy items that are not only purse friendly, but the receiver will be able to use all year around! Be smart about your gifts this year and grab these holiday must-haves that are actually useful and fun. 

Happy shopping everyone!