Back To Basics On Warbal island

December 16, 2016

Here on the Kei Islands in Indonesia, the weather is still too warm and humid to feel any kind of a holiday spirit. Yes, we've seen Christmas trees and decorations in the shopping mall and quite a few cute houses have their Christmas lights up. Still, I feel like I am in a world way too far from anything wintery festive. Thankfully we have the sun here, though.

The weird thing is that I am longing for Europe and miss wearing layers of clothing, drinking hot cocoa and strolling through the cold. The only thing I can do is wear fall and winter appropriate trends and prints to feel like winter is here too. Of course, I am fooling myself lol. For now, I have to make do with drooling over winter wonderland photos by reading my favorite blogs.

I know, I know we always want the things not available to us don't we?

Blushing At Ohoidertawun Beach

December 1, 2016

The color blush has got to be my favorite color of all time. I think this hue looks amazing on every skin tone and is perfect for every season. Fall is nowhere near on the Kei Kecil islands, so my outfits remain summer proof.

I added a cool captains hat to my outfit, basically because they are so on trend right now. Incorporating trend pieces makes an outfit fresh and up to date in my opinion. What's your favorite trend piece this summer?

After Rain There Is Sunshine

November 28, 2016

Life can throw you the biggest challenges even when you find yourself located on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. As you may have read in my last post here and on my Instagram, Emiel and I have been hitting a very rough patch. Thankfully through a very strong support system and lots of quality time with each other Emiel and I have found a little peace and are trying to accept the fact that life comes with challenges. After numerous tears, we decided, we just have to keep the faith and keep ourselves strong. We shot these photos at Ngur Tavur Beach a few weeks ago during very happy times and I thought I could post them and say hi to all of you. Thankfully, we are doing a little better today!

What To Wear For Fall When It's Hot Out

November 6, 2016

Jacky Luxury, Burgundy velvet bomber, Leopard skirt, Motorhead shirt, Brooklyn Camera bag Michael Kors, HM ballerina espadrilles, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Namar, Kei Kecil, Indonesia

Jacky Luxury Embroidered velvet Bomber

While the Fall season is nowhere near the Kei Kecil Islands, I am trying to infuse my outfits with a hint of Autumn vibes.

Adding a velvet fabric and a leopard print to an otherwise summer look instantly changes it into something more Fall appropriate than wearing colorful pom poms and crochet dresses don't you think?

Ngurtavur Beach With Triangl Swimwear

October 28, 2016

Triangl swimsuit, Indonesia, Ngurtavur Beach, Kei Islands, Maluku

Ngurtavur Beach

One big, happy hello from the Kei Kecil islands in Indonesia! After quite a bit of a break on this blog, we have arrived safely on this gorgeous island. I am so sorry for the long delay in my posts, but as you can imagine, the trip has been extensive. Out here on Kei Kecil, October is the most beautiful time of the year  and with my first post from Indonesia I want to take you guys to the most beautiful beach I have ever visited named Ngurtavur Beach. This place is a spectacular 2 mile sandbar stretched right out from Warbal Island into the cristal clear blue ocean and let me tell you the views are out of this world...

Let's Pretend It's Still Summer

September 29, 2016

White lace full skirt, Zara denim jacket, Tamara Chloé. TC Style Clues, White Aviator sunglasses, Maganda shoes, Amsterdam, The Pijp

Maganda Shoes
  Fall is officially present here in Amsterdam. Think rain and windy situations, but yesterday I had the opportunity to still rock a summer outfit due to incredible summer temps. I am not ready to give up summer yet.  I took the chance to take my new Maganda striped espadrille flats paired with the cutest full lace skirt for a stroll. While walking through neighborhood The Pijp, we stopped by the street I grew up on and had café lattés at Carels Café and enjoyed a chill afternoon break. How do guys you like the quote on my shirt?

An Off The Shoulder And Over The Knee Situation

September 23, 2016

Tamara Chloé, Off The Shoulder Denim Dress, Chloé mini marcie bag, Over The knee boots, Unisa boots, Lace choker, TC Style Clues

Chloé Mini Marcie bag
Happy Friday everyone

I guess this blog has been a little bit on a summer break. I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger. I always feel terrible when I haven't posted regularly, but I hope you guys can bear with me. The reason for being behind on my posts is the fact that I have been super duper busy preparing for our six-month move to Indonesia in three weeks time. Yes, three weeks and I am getting antsy! The closer we get to the date of leaving Amsterdam the more excited yet anxious I am becoming.  To be honest I am terrified to be away from my beloved closet as silly as that might sound. Ok, it actually sounds ridiculous I know. I hope anyone can relate!  I mean what if I...

Velvet Flower Power

September 5, 2016

Alice and Olivia floral joggers, Bershka velvet top, Shell choker, Gucci Techno horsebit bag, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Luxury For Princess

I think it's safe to say that I am a huge fan of florals. I fill my home with tons of colorful blooms on a weekly basis and a floral print added to one of my outfits is yet another way of expressing my great love for them. I am excited that anything floral will be a huge fashion trend in the new season. Keep it fresh and trendy by getting cool pieces like bomber jackets and jogging pants in this print. With our move to blazing hot and humid Indonesia next month, I won't be able to rock full on fall and winter outfits so I am already transitioning to fall while still here in Amsterdam and still trying to keep it summer proof. I mean hey the weather forecast tells us it will be a warm week again, so cheers to the summer right?

The Velvet Legging

August 30, 2016

Western Belt Zara Choker

 This Falls favorite fabric will just have to be anything velvet. I happen to absolutely love velvet and in today's look, I am introducing the velvet legging. Easy to style, luxurious, versatile, comfortable and oh so on trend.

I am also loving this new choker I scored a few weeks ago and is a mini version of the western belt that's just been everywhere lately. Paired with a lace bomber jacket and a white asymmetrical tee  making the velvet legging totally wearable. What do you guys think?

Favorites Of Summer

August 17, 2016

Summer is still with us, but why oh why do I always feel that near the end of August Summer is almost over yet? Emiel and I are counting down for our move to Indonesia this October, so for me, Summer isn't nearly over yet. Just when Fall hits in Europe and the U.S. we will be off to tropical climates again.

We are exhilarated, to start this new journey and of course, we are excited to share it all on this blog and Instagram with you guys. Today I am sharing my favorite outfits of this Summer and while scrolling through it all,  I noticed that because of the unbearable heat in Bali and Maluku islands, all my looks were very loose fitted. I guess it's time to change that up a little right and add some fall flavor to it. I hope I can pull it off being back in the heat again. Wish me luck...

Shopping Tip - The Velvet Trend

August 13, 2016

Velvet, Velvet trend 2016

One thing is fur sure the velvet trend is taking over by storm and we better get used to it. Have you checked out the Fall collections by major retailers like Zara, H&M, Top Shop, Mango and River Island and online at Net-A-Porter,, Nasty Gal and Asos? The list is long, but they all have adorable pieces stocked up in this luxurious, plush fabric. Don't think this is anything for your grandma. I know, I know, taking a plunge wearing luscious velvet feels pretty old-school and something for old ladies. But you know what? Velvet is smoking hot again and back from the "almost" dead You can pair velvet pieces fabulously with lace, satin, leather and denim items and while Summer is still here, a smart girl is already on the lookout for fun pieces for the next season. 

Denim On Denim On Denim

August 10, 2016

Tamara Chloé, Denim On Denim, Diesel Jeans, Michael Kors Denim Sloan Bag, Zara pom pom heels, TC Style Clues, Denim Shirt dress

Zara Sandal pom pom heels
Happy Wednesday everyone,

Just a quick post sharing a few of my denim favorites. Denim on denim remains one of my favorite go-to outfits. First because when you are in a hurry you don't need much imagination to create a cool look, you just add shoes and a bag. Second, because denim is just plain fabulous, so the more denim we can wear the merrier right?

6 Hot Spots In Ibiza You'll Never Want To Leave

August 8

Happy Monday lovelies

How is your Summer going my friends? I have been noticing everywhere on Instagram and Facebook that Ibiza remains one of the top destinations in Europe. Of course, who can I blame right? This sizzling sexy island has everything that we could possibly want in a vacation. Beautiful beaches, a rich culture, fabulous bohemian inspired shopping and a nightlife that beats everything. Are you also heading to Ibiza this Summer? Here are a few spots that I personally could not stay away from the last time I was there...

How To Style A Baby Doll White Dress

August 6, 2016

White lace summer dress, Desigual Denim floral sleeved jacket, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Flat sandals, Michael Kors Selma bag, Babydoll dress, Lace dress

Desigual Denim floral sleeved jacket

I think it's safe to say I've always been a huge fan of white baby doll dresses. Hand me a lace version and I am smitten. I think the love affair started when I was a child when studying classical ballet and reading fairy tale books were a huge part of my daily activities.

 Now of course ballet has nothing to do with a baby doll dress, but somehow it does remind me of it, because of the frilly and lace appearance. Fast forward to 2016, I think these dresses can be updated with classic denim and a pair of edgy flat sandals, or style them with a leather jacket and combat boots for a cute bad girl look

High-Low Camouflage

August 2, 2016

Location: De Pijp, Amsterdam

Camouflage shirt dress, Gucci Techno Horsebit bag, Brown bandana scarf, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Adidas all stars, Amsterdam

Triangle Brigitte Bikini, Brown Bandana scarf

Nothing is easier than throwing on a flowy shirtdress. This particular high-low piece in camouflage print happens to be one of my favorites. It's easy to dress up or down. Today I paired it with one of my favorite Gucci bags, tied a colorful bandana around my neck and added a pair of sneakers for a casual vibe.

My babe Emiel loves anything camouflage, so he's totally happy whenever I wear this. He is really into that "sexy slash tough" girl look and I am happy to oblige because camouflage prints in all sorts of colors happen to be major this summer.  How do you guys like this particular piece?

Casual Coral

July 28, 2016

Location Museum Plein, Amsterdam

Coral Tunic dress, Chloé Mini marcie bag tan, Pom pom necklace, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues. Boho style, Ibiza style

Chloé Mini Marcie bag Tan

The pom pom craze continues and this time, they are all up on my necklace. How do you guys like this colorful piece? I am in love with the colorful embellishments and they add a fun and trendy touch to any outfit don't you think?

Tunics have been by go-to uniform this summer and I hope I am not boring you guys with it. I like to get them in al sorts of prints and colors available. Why do I keep reaching for them?

Crazy For Pom Poms

July 24, 2016

Zara slip dress, Maria BK Pom pom sandals, Lace choker, Round sunglasses, Jacky luxury bag, Boho style, curly hair, TC Style Clues, Tamara Chloé

Mabu Maria BK pom pom sandals
I think you have to agree with me that the major trend this season is the pom poms. I can't imagine this summer without wearing at least one item containing these cute and colorful embellishments . This trend is going strong and you can literally find pom poms everywhere. From sandals, espadrilles, beach bags, dresses to tunics and tops. Pom poms are ruling this season.

I spotted these one-of-a-kind leather sandals from MABU by Maria BK on Net-A-Porter more than two months ago. I promised myself that if I didn't find another pair more beautiful I would just have to get them. What makes this particular pair so special? 

Review - The Best Flat Iron That's Got Me Hooked

July 15, 2016

Irresistible Me, Diamond flat iron

Up until just recently transforming my naturally curly hair into a sleek hairstyle was always a challenge.Getting my hair ready is my least favorite part before walking out the door. Most of the time I opt for a ponytail or messy bun. It's quick easy and simple

Lately, I love wearing my hair down again. basically, because I got the chance to discover a new flat iron that I think is by far thé best flat iron I have ever used! I mean seriously the best. I am really excited about this product because for the first time in years I am not dreading straightening my hair in the morning and I can get profesional salon results minus the damage right at home! Curious? Keep on reading...

Amsterdam Fashion Week

July 12, 2016

Location: Gashouder Fabriek Amsterdam

Fashion Week Amsterdam 2016, MBFWABack in Amsterdam, straight to Fashion Week. Life is good right? To be honest, We didn't even plan to attend this year, basically because Emiel and I have been really busy preparing for our move to Indonesia in October. Still, I could not resist swinging by after receiving an invitation by one of my favorite Dutch designers: Dennis Diem

Crochet Summer Whites

July 5, 2016

Sanur Beach, Bali

White crochet, Denim Michael Kors bag, Bali Indonesia, Sanur Beach, Boho style, TC Style Clues,

Michael Kors Sloan Denim Bag
 I might look happy as a clam, but I am sad that our extensive trip to Indonesia is coming to its end. Time to go home yo! Of course, this will not be the end of posting summer outfits, heck summer just started!

Wearing summer whites are my favorite summer staples. Here I am, mixing different patterns of crochet to make it look more interesting. What I love about summer whites is that they look great, fresh and clean on every skin color and also makes you look more tanned..

6 Upcoming Must-Go Eateries In Bali

June 29, 2016

Bali is one of the most popular destinations at the moment, Bali is all about stunning temples and amazing white beaches, but not only that. Bali's modern restaurants and bubbly nightlife while keeping their authenticity are absolutely extraordinary. While having explored the island, me and Emiel are already kind of stuck to our favorite places although we keep trying new ones every day.

 We've hung out at the most popular spots like the amazing Potato Head beach club with an infinity pool, live DJs and finger licking good food in Seminyak, Find the best roasted pork at Ibu Oka in Ubud. Do you feel like dancing the night away in a great club with three floors and budget friendly shots and cocktails? Check out to the Skygarden Club in Kuta with an amazing view over Bali. It is very touristy but still a lot of fun.

 For great eating, there are sunset venues like  Ku De Ta, The W Retreat Hotel in Seminyak, or pick out your own fresh fish and dine on the sandy beach of Jimbaran beach. These spots are an absolute must do, but are getting more crowded by the day. I thought of sharing a few spots with you guys  that are not only hip, cool and trendy but are also upcoming and less crowded by obnoxious tourists.

If you ever plan to visit Bali, just make sure to stop by one of these spots and let me know what you think. I am curious to hear your thoughts.

Dutchies In Bali

June 21, 2016

Location: Bali - Indonesia

Colorful stripes have made a comeback for spring/summer 2016. My take on this cheerful trend is this striped number I scored while exploring Kei Kecil island. Cool fashion items are extremely hard to find there, basically, because the islands are so remote. I felt like I won the lotto when I ran into this piece while exploring the local and only "mall" in the central city of Langur.  I decided to wear it when we celebrated the Dutch king's birthday in Bali a few weeks later.

I know this post is really overdue because this was already a month and a half ago, but still I wanted to show you guys this outfit. Kings day is a huge celebration in The Netherlands, so to be able to celebrate it here in Bali was great! On this particular day, all sorts of Dutch expats showed up, happily running around wearing Hollands national color orange. I went "multi-colored" basically because I couldn't find anything suitable in the color orange or even peach and received quite a few nice compliments about my stripey outfit.

We ate Dutch poffertjes and bitterballen, enjoyed great tunes by a local Dutch DJ and strolled through the shopping and food stands. Thanks to our good friend Ineke who had organized the whole event we had a brilliant time.