Gucci Techno Horsebit

January 28, 2016

Location: Dam square, Amsterdam

Who doesn't love a good thrift right? As much as I love finding pieces of clothing online and in the luxury department stores. There is something very special when snooping through a thrift store finding the most amazing pieces. I recently discovered an amazing thrift store in the area called: Venten. It is located in the heart of Amsterdam, The Pijp and the cutest little two story shop you can think of.  After two hours of trying on the most fabulous pieces from brands like Dior, Dolce Gabbana and Dutch designer Govert De Roos. I was stunned to find this absolutely gorgeous Gucci bag named; the Techno Horsebit bag in a flawless state and looking totally brand new.  After some online research, I found out this piece came out in 2010 and is one of Gucci's limited editions. 

 I am totally in love with the silver hardware details that just scream "rock and roll edgy". This bag is big enough to carry just about anything, ranging from my Ipad, to all my make-up essentials, when I am on the go all day long. I also love the slouchy look of this new baby. Being a huge Gucci lover, I have to admit this is kinda my favorite bag at the moment, but I am sure you guys can understand right?

Gucci Techno horse bit bag


Outfit Throwback - Winter Pastels

January 19, 2016

Yay, today is my birthday! The past year has just flown by, it's crazy. Instead of overloading you guys with tons of photos in an over the top birthday outfit, I am re-posting an oldie but goodie shot about a year ago. The reason for this, is that I came down with a little bit of a cold. Think a nasty cough with the most annoying sniffles, so I am taking things a little slow, even on my birthday. Today it's all about staying in with hot tea and chocolate birthday cake. Yum! The great thing is: I have made it one more year on this planet, meaning I am still alive and kicking. 

This post holds a special place in my heart, because it is the first photo shoot me and my boy Emiel did together. It was extremely cold and we were both freezing our buts off. Shooting on speed mode was a necessity that day. I always feel extremely shy when posing for someone new, but Emiel kept making me laugh to take the tension off. Over the past year we have been shooting so much together, exploring all kinds of new ways to bring my outfits to life. This shoot really marks the beginning of our wonderful journey together. The fact that this outfit still looks fresh is because over-the-knee boots are still hot and trending and the combination of soft pink and lavender/blue reminds me of a muted version of the Pantone colors of the year. 

I love wearing pastel colors in winter and pairing it with black and brown items shows it can still look absolutely winter appropriate. Over-the-knee boots remain a favorite of mine, mainly because they look edgy and feminine, plus they keep your legs warm during these cold days.

I'm off eating some birthday cake with my family everyone! Talk to you guys later.


DSC_7891 Brown Soho Disco bag, Studded Black leather gloves, Tamara Chloé


Shopping - Pantone's Color(s) of the year 2016

January 17, 2016

Pantone, Color of the year 2016, Rose quartz and Serenity, Pantone colors

For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year 2016.. In many parts of the world we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted color trends throughout all other areas of design. Pantone's color of the year pick is actually a coded message about gender equality and fluidity.

I can't help but think of spring and summer when I observe these two colors. Gorgeous on their own, but even more spectacular when paired together,I just had to share a few favorite must-have items in these two gorgeous shades.

What's your favorite Pantone shade for the year 2016?

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The New Website

January 15, 2016

Tamara Chloé, Blogger, Jord Wood Watch, Marshall headphones, Amsterdam,

A new year and lots of new ideas.  First of all; I thought the layout of this blog needed a serious update. After sporting a partial black background for way too long, I wanted something fresh and changed it to an all white template. So far, I am loving the clean look. Second, I finally bought my own domain name and changed it into

Why wait so long, you might think.  It honestly took me all this time, because I was always terrified my site would be off the air for days, or I would lose my content during a very complicated process of changing it.. Changing my blog URL was something I've been wanting to do for months, but just kept postponing. After watching an amazing YouTube tutorial which you can find here,  it was done in less then 10 minutes. Pfieeeew this feels great!

So there you go!

 From now on this site; full of fashion inspiration is officially called: TC Style Clues

Tamara Chloé, Blogger, Jord Wood Watch, Marshall headphones, Amsterdam,


Outfit - Floral Denim

January 9, 2016

Location: Harbour Club, Amsterdam

Floral denim jacket, Desigual, Grey outfit, Chanel Boybag, Amsterdam Harbour club, TC Style Clues,

I am starting the new year fresh, and I want to show you guys some great new items I have scored over the last couple of weeks. As of late, I've been searching for the perfect printed denim jacket for the longest time. Can you imagine my excitement when I bumped into this denim beauty with woolen floral sleeves, sparkling beads and sequins on the pockets and on top of that an amazing fit and cut?

 I am not a huge fan of denim jackets that make me look bulky in the waist. This piece from Disigual fits so perfect and I can see myself wearing it with just about anything. This piece would look great with an all black outfit, or even a white spring dress when the weather warms up a little. This jacket would look great with classy summer shorts and all kinds of skirts. What I like most about it; is the fact that I can wear it all year round, during basically every season.

I kept my outfit in one color to really let the colors of jacket stand out. Just playing with different shades and textures of grey to make the outfit look dressy.  Perfect for a night out or casual dinner with the bf. I am a huge fan of grey tones, as it always looks clean and fresh in my eyes.

I am curious to hear what you guys think. 

Chanel boy bag, Grained chanel boy



Outfit - That Seventies Bag

January 4, 2016

You know that feeling when you find something you instantly fall in love with? That's what happened when I passed by the cutest little vintage shop in the neighbourhood and spotted this authentic Spanish seventies hippie boho bag. I could not believe it was in such a perfect condition. It basically looked brand new, knowing it is more then 40 years old. Thick leather, with real copper studs, hand made braiding, no actual stitching, this bag is a fashionista's wet dream. 

The sales girl told me the bag had never been used, but was indeed a real vintage score.  With the seventies trend still going full on I think you find the same seventies inspired bags over and over again in every store possible and most of them look the same. The difference with this bag; is the fact that it's an original and who doesn't love anything originaL right? This little beauty basically transforms any type of outfit into something special and really adds that boho flair that I am so fond of.

What do you guys think?

Tamara Chloé, Zara peplum trench coat, Zara fringe ankle boots, Vintage Spanish hippie folk boho bag, Luxury for princess, TC Style Clues, Amsterdam, white skinny jeans, studded leather gloves