13 Must-Haves To Rock The Rose Gold Trend

March 5, 2016 

There is nothing more glam than the rose gold trend that has been going on for a while now. Think rose gold on bronzed skin with an all white outfit or pair it with black, brown, coral and camel tones for a sexy sophisticated sparkle, Rose gold mixes beautifully with silver jewelry and white pearls and looks stunning with anything pastel. I picked out a few favorites that make me long for summer like there is no tomorrow. The good news is; we are leaving for Bali soon, so I am totally stocking up.  

My rose gold obsession really kicked in when I finally got my new iPhone 6s in this hue two days ago. I just had to grab a pretty phone case that would still show off the beautiful rose gold details. I am not a big fan of phone cases that completely cover the phone. This see through case filled with 24K real gold foil is a real show stopper and soooo my cup of tea. I just can't seem to take my eyes off my phone now LOL. One of my other rose gold favorites is the fabulous wood watch by Jord which you can also see me wear here. Which item is your fave?