Pasir Panjang Beach

April 1, 2016

Location: Pasir Panjang Beach, Kai Islands-Indonesia

Finally I am back with a new post everyone! We arrived safely at the Kai islands more then a week ago. The Kai islands are a very remote group of islands located in the east of Indonesia. Both my grandparents were born here. Can you imagine my excitement visiting this beautiful place for the first time in my life and meeting family members for the first time? It has been an thrilling and emotional roller coaster so far. 

Being somewhere far on a remote island has it's great advantages. First the peace and quite and slow pace of living does wonders for the soul. This place is the perfect spot to do a digital detox. Everything is so beautiful, it's easy to forget about your phone and laptop. Second, the people are so friendly and kind, it warms your heart. I am taking it all in with great joy. although there are a lot of things I have to get used to here.....