How To Beat The Heat On Your Next Tropical Vacay

May 27, 2016

Location: Kei Kecil Island - Indonesia

I might look completely zen and relaxed in these photos, but in reality I was sweating my ass off and were mosquitoes on full attack mode eating me alive. I have traveled to hot and humid climates before, but out here on the tropical Kei islands, it can get so warm, I don't know what to do with myself. I have adjusted here with just a few simple steps.  Like I told you guys in my previous posts, most of the clothes I packed were totally wrong for the weather out here in south east Indonesia. Are you traveling somewhere similar this summer? Here are a few tips for you that will help you enjoy your well planned summer vacation totally cool and chilled

I Said Yes!

May 24, 2016

Location: Woma El Valken - Namar - Kei Kecil Island, Indonesia


When the man in your life asks you to marry him, it is one of the most magical moments a girl can ask for. Then for him to put on the most beautiful diamond and pearl engagement ring, on the most romantic beach in the world, is even more magical. What else could I do than say YES!  He made it so special that it seemed like a pure dream. I love this man so deeply, words can not describe.

Me and Emiel, the love of my life, a partner in crime and my best friend are officially engaged!

The Life Of A Romper

May 17, 2016

Location: Ohoidertawun beach - Kei Kecil Island - Indonesia

Romper, Play suit, Chloe Mini Marcie bag tan, Rainbow aviators, Flat sandals, Kei Kecil, Maluku, Indonesia, beach outfit, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues

Rompers are hot and trending this summer and there is a good reason for it.  Most of you have to agree with me that the romper a.k.a. play suit is the easiest and most comfortable piece of summer clothing a girl can ask for. When it comes down to summer wear, I am a total skirt and dress type of gal, but rompers are just as fabulous because of their comfort and effortless vibe.

When we arrived here on the Kei Islands in Indonesia, I was totally bummed that I brought along only one romper with me. "I will buy tons of new rompers on the island" was my brilliant idea. Think traveling light right?  Big mistake, because wearing anything else just seemed not comfortable in this heat we've been dealing with here. Hopping into town in a desperate search and grab a few more rompers ended up with no luck and quite some frustration. They just don't make these fabulous pieces of clothing on this island. The result is me wearing this colorful number almost everyday making everyone think I didn't bring enough summer outfits with me. Going to the beach, going shopping in town, in and around the house, this piece was on me like a lifeguard against the sweltering heat.

This particular day, we went cruising on our rental scooter and drove to a beautiful remote beach near the village: Ohoidertawun on the north side of the island. White sands and crystal clear waters. This stunning beach is every travelers wet dream. Can I stay here forever?


I Needed This Break - Double Patchwork Denim

May 13, 2016

Location: Namar,  Kai Kecil Islands - Indonesia 

It has been a while, but boy, how great has it been to do a complete digital detox. No social media, no blogging and no editing photos for more than six weeks. I needed this break and now I am back with tons of summer outfit posts and inspiration for you guys. The things you start noticing around you when you are not glued to your phone anymore. It has been so calming, invigorating and most off all inspiring.

As you might know I have been on the remote Kai islands in Indonesia lately. Being stuck on this remote tropical island has been more then an eye opener to me. Most of us in the western world live way to hectic, too stressed and we hardly take time for each other anymore. Over here the local people actually sit down and have a real conversation without feelings of being rushed. I am sure, going back to my roots and visiting the island where my grandparents were born has been an oppurtunity of finding myself and really be able to destress.

Staying fashionable is not an easy task when the heat is unbearable and the air humid as hell.  Loose fitting clothing is an only option and being a huge fan of the denim on denim look I have been wearing this type of a look lately, as long as the denim is thin and light.  Excuse my "just got out of bed" hair, but keeping my hair straight and frizz free has been challenging. The longer I have been spending time in Indonesia, the better I got at keeping my hair frizz free. More on that subject in a later post.

Hope you enjoy a few snaps of the area we were staying at!