6 Hot Spots In Ibiza You'll Never Want To Leave

August 8

Happy Monday lovelies

How is your Summer going my friends? I have been noticing everywhere on Instagram and Facebook that Ibiza remains one of the top destinations in Europe. Of course, who can I blame right? This sizzling sexy island has everything that we could possibly want in a vacation. Beautiful beaches, a rich culture, fabulous bohemian inspired shopping and a nightlife that beats everything. Are you also heading to Ibiza this Summer? Here are a few spots that I personally could not stay away from the last time I was there...

----------------------------------- The Harbour Club ---------------------------------

Located right at Talamanca Beach, The Harbour Club can be found at the perfect location on Ibiza island. The decor is outstandingly beautiful and the foods ranging from excellent salads, fresh fish, and their meat dishes are to die for. Don't forget desert. The "Chocolate Dream" is a-ma-zing and can be shared with four people! After lunch or dinner enjoy their chill vibe by listening to great music (they have a DJ spinning) and strolling along their private beach with your bare feet in the sand. Heaven!

------------------------ Fay - Asian Cuisine at Cotton Beach Club -----------------------

You have to visit this place only if it's for the stunning locaction and decor. Need I say more? Asian cuisine at it's finest in paradise surroundings with spectacular seaside views!

----------------------------- Coco Beach ------------------------------

 I am not the only one that thinks that Coco Beach Club is the best beach club on the island. Their food is exquisite. Their energy and ambiance peaceful and luxurious, Turquoise blue waters. It's Paradise, a must see!.


------------------------------ La Brasa ---------------------------------


Located right in the heart of the old Ibiza town, there is a piece of heaven called La Brasa. This place looks like a bohemian garden and especially during the day it's so peaceful and relaxing. At night it's lively, hip and busy.  

Of course, the foods are to die for. I went for their steak one day and it was absolutely delish! We came back here more than once, that's how much we loved it.

---------------------------- Patchwork-Sa Punta -------------------------------

Surrounded by a sea of colors, eclectic vibes and with a spectacular ocean and Dalt Villa view, Patchwork rooftop bar and restaurant is the only place in Ibiza that serves Lebanese cuisine. Now may Lebanese foods just happen to be my favorite food in the world! "Sharing" is Patchwork's philosophy and their exquisite dining, cocktails and music a totally unforgettable experience.


----------------------------- Bambuddha --------------------------------

I have saved the best for last. You all know my love for Bali island right?  Well when visiting restaurant Bambuddha, you feel like you have stepped out of Ibiza and have traveled straight to Bali or Goa. This temple restaurant is something extraordinary. Think a spiritual, yet sexy and sensual ambiance, serving incredible cocktails and tongue tickling Asian inspired dishes. There is even a small tantra sex shop. The vibe is magical and perfect for a night of relaxation underneath the Ibiza stars and moonlight.



If you ever happen to stop by one of these spots, let me know how you liked it my friends. I am curious to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading everyone and enjoy your Summer!

With love Tamara Chloé