Let's Pretend It's Still Summer

September 29, 2016

White lace full skirt, Zara denim jacket, Tamara Chloé. TC Style Clues, White Aviator sunglasses, Maganda shoes, Amsterdam, The Pijp

Maganda Shoes
  Fall is officially present here in Amsterdam. Think rain and windy situations, but yesterday I had the opportunity to still rock a summer outfit due to incredible summer temps. I am not ready to give up summer yet.  I took the chance to take my new Maganda striped espadrille flats paired with the cutest full lace skirt for a stroll. While walking through neighborhood The Pijp, we stopped by the street I grew up on and had café lattés at Carels Café and enjoyed a chill afternoon break. How do guys you like the quote on my shirt?

An Off The Shoulder And Over The Knee Situation

September 23, 2016

Tamara Chloé, Off The Shoulder Denim Dress, Chloé mini marcie bag, Over The knee boots, Unisa boots, Lace choker, TC Style Clues

Chloé Mini Marcie bag
Happy Friday everyone

I guess this blog has been a little bit on a summer break. I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger. I always feel terrible when I haven't posted regularly, but I hope you guys can bear with me. The reason for being behind on my posts is the fact that I have been super duper busy preparing for our six-month move to Indonesia in three weeks time. Yes, three weeks and I am getting antsy! The closer we get to the date of leaving Amsterdam the more excited yet anxious I am becoming.  To be honest I am terrified to be away from my beloved closet as silly as that might sound. Ok, it actually sounds ridiculous I know. I hope anyone can relate!  I mean what if I...

Velvet Flower Power

September 5, 2016

Alice and Olivia floral joggers, Bershka velvet top, Shell choker, Gucci Techno horsebit bag, Tamara Chloé, TC Style Clues, Luxury For Princess

I think it's safe to say that I am a huge fan of florals. I fill my home with tons of colorful blooms on a weekly basis and a floral print added to one of my outfits is yet another way of expressing my great love for them. I am excited that anything floral will be a huge fashion trend in the new season. Keep it fresh and trendy by getting cool pieces like bomber jackets and jogging pants in this print. With our move to blazing hot and humid Indonesia next month, I won't be able to rock full on fall and winter outfits so I am already transitioning to fall while still here in Amsterdam and still trying to keep it summer proof. I mean hey the weather forecast tells us it will be a warm week again, so cheers to the summer right?