Ngurtavur Beach With Triangl Swimwear

October 28, 2016

Triangl swimsuit, Indonesia, Ngurtavur Beach, Kei Islands, Maluku

Ngurtavur Beach

One big, happy hello from the Kei Kecil islands in Indonesia! After quite a bit of a break on this blog, we have arrived safely on this gorgeous island. I am so sorry for the long delay in my posts, but as you can imagine, the trip has been extensive. Out here on Kei Kecil, October is the most beautiful time of the year  and with my first post from Indonesia I want to take you guys to the most beautiful beach I have ever visited named Ngurtavur Beach. This place is a spectacular 2 mile sandbar stretched right out from Warbal Island into the cristal clear blue ocean and let me tell you the views are out of this world...