How To Wear The Floral Trend The Cool Way

February 25, 2017

The floral trend remains and it's here to stay!

Not everyone will reach for a floral peace when it comes to dressing, mainly because it hits the dreamy and "girly girl" department. But let me tell you a statement piece in this print can look really effortless and cool. You just need to pair it with the right items. Keep on reading on how to rock the floral trend like a cool girl.

Time To Recharge In Bali

February 18, 2017

Bali, Aqua Octaviana Bali Villa, Leopard swimuit, Tamara Chloé

What's the hype about Bali island? 

Lately, I have noticed Bali becoming more and more the ultimate hot spot for pure relaxation. The beautiful beaches, great surf spots, the hippest restaurants, a huge yoga and vegan scene, a vibrant nightlife, alluring resorts and last but not least the rich culture is something that will keep you coming back over and over again for more. After four months on The Kei Islands in South East Indonesia, we are back in Bali and are absolutely loving it!

Paradise Is Not A Place - It's A State of Mind

February 1, 2017

Pink monokini, hunkemoller, Swimsuit, Beachwear, Indonesia, Maluku, Kei Kecil islands, Tamara Chloé

Warbal island, Kei Kecil, Maluku, Indonesia

You can find yourself stretched out on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and still you have this gnawing feeling. What's happening? Well picture this. Six months ago, you were still in rainy Amsterdam scrolling your Instagram feed, lusting over tropical destinations. Now that you are here on a beautiful tropical island in east Indonesia you don't feel quite as content as you expected. What the hell is wrong with you? You scratch your multiple mosquito bites on your legs, You've counted twelve new bumps since yesterday. The itching is killing you. Catching Malaria is one of your worst fears, but let's not think about that..  You look around, gazing at the soft waves of the clear blue ocean and the swaying of the stunning palm trees. "It's so beautiful here'' you think while having another sip of a banana and avocado juice. This is paradise right? You try to think of what to eat for lunch. You crave Greek yogurt topped with blueberries and granola. How about an almond milk latté and a smoked salmon spelt sandwich? All the organic health foods you crave are not available in this part of the world. Let's eat white rice and fish again, but you don't want rice after four months. All you want is a solid freaking sandwich and a glass of wine. So what is this feeling? The last thing you want to feel is ungrateful. Being grateful is your life's mantra. it's what you live by, because life is good. Then it hits you and when it hits, it hits you hard...