Back In Chilly Amsterdam

November 18, 2017

Tamara Chloé, Amsterdam, Fishermans hat, Rain Couture coat

Oh yes, I am in back in Amsterdam and it's cooooooold!

The funny thing is I won't be here for long, as I am flying back to Bali next week, so it's just a short stay here. Still, its fun to bundle up in winter outfits and drink hot chocolate at home.

Talking about bundling, I have been practically living in this denim raincoat from Rain Couture for the last few days. It's light but really warm. I love how you can easily throw it over anything.

I'll be gone to Indonesia for "just" four weeks, to work on a few great projects. I can't wait to tell you some more about it soon. I will be back just before Christmas because nothing can beat the holiday season right at home.

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Those Hard To Find White Denim Cut-Offs

November 14, 2017

Floral Rattan Bali Bag, Bali bag
 Still stuck in warm Bali climates, I am still throwing summer outfits in your face. Sorry, but not so sorry LOL. The temperatures are perfect here you guys. You should be here too. I wore this semi-casual ensemble on a night out clubbing in Kuta. Yup love me a little bit of serious getting down once in a while. I shot these photos right before sunset just to give you guys an idea. Love the all-white look, and I can't help being obsessed with this floral rattan Bali bag I scored at Ubud market.

Bag In Bali

November 10, 2017

Tamara Chloé, Bali, Aqua Octaviana Bali Villas, Bali Bag

Hey everyone

Just a little OOTD from Bali while staying at the beautiful Aqua Octaviana Bali Villas

I've spent two weeks on The Kei Islands and I was so crazy busy with work, that I needed a break to catch my breath. As you can imagine I am so excited to be back. Everything is amazing here. The beautiful weather and stunning surroundings make me never want to leave this place.

Rattan Bali Bag